long runs and longer runs

Well, I’m officially tired.

Good tired, though. Last Thursday’s run was long, but it was good, and I’m so pleased that I did it, and I survived, even if I was tired.

I downloaded some podcasts onto my mp3 player, which proved to be quite useful for fighting the boredom that comes with long runs. It wasn’t a magic bullet, and it didn’t automatically make things easy, but it helped.

The first half of the run was definitely easier than the second half, although I somehow had the determination either way. My feet were SORE towards the end, and I honestly thought that once I took my shoes off, I would find my feet covered in blisters. (Surprisingly, they weren’t; I’m wondering if it’s possible that I bruised the bottoms of my feet.)

Roughly halfway through the run, I crossed a street and went outside of the “residential” area where I normally run, onto the fringes of a more “commercial” area, with the intent of going to a Quiktrip to buy a bottle of Gatorade. I was a bit startled to be on the receiving end of multiple “catcalls”, whistles and honking and so forth, from multiple passing cars. Not that it bothered me… I’m quite certain that the people who honked and hollered were trying to make fun of me, but I am also quite certain that they are only proving that they do NOT run, because runners do not ridicule runners!

On a slightly related topic, the Gatorade proved to be surprisingly perfect for maintaining energy. I’m really pleased by this and will definitely be going to a grocery store soon to stock up.

I did not run at all on Friday. I had not planned to run, as I figured this would be a “recovery” day, which worked out nicely as Friday proved to be an incredibly busy day and I wouldn’t have had time to run even if I’d wanted to run!

This morning I went for an easy 3.1 mile run in 44 minutes. It felt good to get out there again.

I still haven’t signed up for the Rock the Parkway half marathon, but I need to decide ASAP. I really kinda want to do this but I’m torn, because there are a couple of other things I want to do that weekend! I just figured out that the Trolley Run is on a Sunday, and I’m not too keen on Sunday races, so that’s out. The Oz Marathon is only a couple of weeks later and might be good, but it starts at 7am, and it’s a good hour away from me, so I would have to leave home at 5:30am and I’m just not too keen on that. The Five Trails Half Marathon is another option, but it’s also on a Sunday. The Hospital Hill Half Marathon is on a Saturday, and without a doubt I will run that. But the question is in RTP.

I don’t know. Honestly I guess I’m freaking out just a bit… running a half marathon is no small matter!