side planks and utility flags

It’s a struggle but I’ve continued exercising. Today it was yoga and a 4-mile dog walk.

Yoga was pretty fantastic because today, for the first time, I mastered the side plank!

Previously when I attempted this pose, I always wound up dropping the bottom knee to the ground for a little extra support. This pose obviously works your arms, but it’s also a huge workout for the core muscles!! I was VERY pleased that I managed to do this (six times!) today!!

Then it was off to the park with Sadie. It was rather chilly today- just above freezing, but with a bit of a breeze! I certainly hope this weather warms up before Saturday’s race!

The Canada Geese were out today- lots of them! And you know, where there are Canada Geese, there is “duck doo” where all the geese have used the bathroom. Usually in the middle of the path.

The utility companies have put out several utility flags at the park, like these:

Those pink streamers fluttered in the breeze a little bit, and Sadie was not sure what to make of them! It was awfully cute to watch her get so nervous around those!