the secret behind race fees

In general, race fees get more expensive as the races get longer.

For example, a 5k is usually between $25-$40. A half-marathon runs from $50 to $80. A marathon runs anywhere from $100 to $150. You get the idea.

Race organizers claim these higher fees are because longer races require more organization. Longer races require them to close off more roads. Longer races require more aid stations. But I’ve figured out the REAL reason behind these higher race fees!

The longer a race is, the more challenging it is. The more challenging it is, the more intimidating it is. The more intimidating it is, the more intimidated I am.

Here’s the rub: The more intimidated I am, the more I seriously consider NOT running!

I’m not saying I won’t run this weekend’s half marathon. I have these moments, though, when the $60 that I’ve already paid is the only reason I’m going to run it! Can’t waste $60!