an essay on the tech shirt (or, in defense of cotton)

Today I ran 7 miles in the tech shirt I received from the Rock the Parkway half marathon. (5 miles hard, followed by 2 miles of easy dog walking.) This was my first real run in that shirt. I gotta tell ya, I’m not impressed.

Basically all of my workout clothes are cotton or cotton-blend, for the simple reason that those are cheap. I can buy cotton shorts or cotton workout tanks for next to nothing, and I appreciate saving the money! “Tech” shirts and pants are EXPENSIVE. Where a cotton shirt might cost $10, a tech shirt could cost anywhere from $50 to $200.

I’ve read rave reviews about tech clothes. Everything I’ve read about them has been positive. Supposedly they are just the best clothes ever, and once you wear them, you’ll never return to that evil cotton stuff.

Today, the tech shirt was good. I won’t deny that. It was a very nice shirt, and it was certainly comfortable.

But here’s the kicker. I would not say it was MORE comfortable than a cotton tee or tank. I like the shirt, and I will continue to run in it, because I have it. However, I am NOT convinced that it is significantly better than my cotton clothes, and I do not plan to go out and pay for any more tech clothes.

One final gripe: For my Rock the Parkway half marathon, I received this tech shirt with the RTP logo, instead of a cotton tee. The downside of a tech shirt is that, frankly, it is not comfortable to wear on days when I’m going out with friends or working around the house. Cotton tees, of course, are perfectly suited for those days. I am incredibly proud of my accomplishment, and I would just love to be able to wear my race shirt in public, around other people- my own quiet, passive way of bragging!

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  1. All tech tees are different. I got one at a conference that I absolutely LOVE running in but then I got another one from the tri last year and it totally sucks. Each company makes them different but I agree, I don’t really ever wear my shirt unless I’m working out so not much PR for the race.

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