the non-rain rain

Today, I wasn’t sure how far I would run or where I would run, but it felt good outside and turned into a long run (8 miles, 2:00). I knew I needed to run long and I knew I needed to run hills, so I kinda combined the two into one very long and very slow run, with plenty of hills throughout. I also forced myself to go very slow and easy on the downhills, and then throw my energy into running the uphills.

Remember how I was worried yesterday about the forecast for rain? It never came… in fact, today it was overcast, 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with a light breeze- perfect running weather. The breeze picked up during my run, and I suppose it’s possible that a storm could be blowing in, but they’ve been predicting rain for so long with no actual rain coming down that I’m skeptical.

Either way, it was a good run. Since they’re predicting rain (again) for tomorrow, I guess it’s good that I got this run in today- although like I said, I’m a skeptic!