running and drugs

Many years ago in my junior high health class, in an effort to deter us from drug use, my teachers told us that our first drug high would be the “best” high, and we would continue using progressively higher amounts of the drug in an effort to regain that first high.

I think running is kinda like that.

The first time I ran a mile, I felt so good that I hoped the feeling would never end. The next day, I continued running in an effort to regain that high.

After my first race, I was on such a mental and emotional high that I wanted to tell everyone I met, including total strangers, about what I’d just accomplished. It was the culmination of many weeks of hard work. After a short break to let my legs recover, I returned to running in an effort to regain that high.

Honestly, I can’t list every single time I’ve had that high. It’s not that every run is that good- many runs are hard and unsuccessful, and I feel no better when I finish. But every so often, I’ll have a really good run and I’ll feel so good that I’ll be talking about that run for a week. Sometimes it’s a race, but sometimes it’s just a training run that went really well.

I love the high I get from running. If running is a drug, I hope I never quit!

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