It’s been an off day.

I left home this morning with optimistic plans to run at least 8 and maybe up to 10 miles. But it was just one of those runs where everything was going wrong! I forgot my mp3 player and didn’t realize it until I was nearly a mile away from the house. I forgot my watch so I can only estimate my time. My foot was sore. Everything just felt off. Most importantly, my mind was just not in it today. So I turned, changed my route, and cut that run off at 2 miles. My time for that was something like 36 minutes.

At home, I rested for a few minutes, then felt so guilty about planning such a long run and running such a short run that I went out again. This time I ran a (different) 3.1 mile route in 46 minutes. It wasn’t a great run, but it was okay. I managed.

So, tomorrow I’ll run again. Maybe speedwork at the gym, or maybe just an easy long run. We’ll see what the day brings.

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