overdoing it?

First I have to point out how totally unbelievable it is that I’m even writing something like this. Only a year ago, the idea of exercising “too much” was just not even on the radar!!

Early this morning I had a FANTASTIC yoga class. The temperature was quite warm, so although it wasn’t an “official” hot yoga class, it was pretty darn close. My muscles got wonderfully loose and limber! Afterwards I walked a couple of miles with Sadie, who was adorable and lots of fun to visit.

When I came home, I took a nap- nothing unusual there. I always nap after my Tuesday yoga class. I was especially tired today, since I had an early doctor’s appointment yesterday and today’s early morning class.

What surprises me is that even now, even after a nap and several hours of rest, my legs are still just exhausted. It’s not exactly like they are sore, or even that I’m sleepy. It’s like the muscles are worn out and just won’t cooperate with any kind of hard work.

I’m beginning to suspect that maybe my problem is that I’ve been overdoing it with the running. Mentally, I know I’ve been pushing myself, and maybe I’ve just gone far enough that my muscles are done. The timing of this is less than ideal, with a half marathon in less than a month, but I know I can’t keep pushing like this and still perform well in the race.

I will still cross train as much as I can, within reason. I still think that I would be able to swim without much trouble, since that uses mostly arm muscle. Plus there’s core exercises. Shoot, if I feel good tomorrow, I’ll run. However, tomorrows forecast is for heat, humidity, and thunderstorms, so even if I run it’s likely I’ll be stuck in the gym anyway. Might as well take advantage of the situation and hop in the pool anyway!!