Yesterday I wrote about wondering if I was overdoing it.

Today I’m sick. Ugh.

The weird part is that I’m not very sick. I mean, I can tell I’m sick, but just barely. That’s a good thing- I am not insured and the possibility of getting seriously ill worries me.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It hurts when I swallow. The funny thing is, my throat has felt funny for a couple of days. Today is just the first day it feels BAD.

It’s been awhile since I have been sick. Since I’m self employed, I don’t see many people during the day and I’m relatively safe from germs and viruses.

Anyway, it’s a frustrating day. I feel poorly enough that I can’t focus on any work. I’m not tired enough to sleep, though. I am remarkably not sick beyond the sore throat and some nasal congestion- no nausea or anything- but it’s just enough to feel lousy. I ate lunch and I’m not having trouble keeping it down or anything. I’m actually laying in bed since I can’t focus anyway- might as well at least try to nap. Thank heaven for Blackberries!

Obviously there will be no working out today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!