upcoming races minus three days of training

I had a really awful dream last night that I was not able to finish the Hospital Hill run because I was sick.

I haven’t done any kind of workout at all since last Tuesday. I’ve been home with what I hope is just a really bad cold. I have a cough and just a teensy bit of shortness of breath, which is why I’m afraid it might be something like bronchitis. It’s been just bad enough that I have been more or less unable to get any work done.

On the upside, it is kind of oddly encouraging that I haven’t been overdoing it, but have been sick. That makes me hope that when I get better, I will be able to run strong.

Of course, I’m also nervous because this has meant that I’ve missed three valuable days of training, including an 11-mile run. I’m feeling totally unprepared as begin tapering for the race!

Speaking of which, I was thinking about doing the Amy Thompson run but have not yet signed up due to my own laziness. Now I’m thinking I may not run it. I hardly have enough time to train properly for Hospital Hill, much less for this other race. Not sure yet though.

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