back in the saddle

I got back out today- nice and easy, but it felt good.

First I had my Tuesday yoga group. My balance was all over the place, which I blame on my ears being plugged for most of the past week due to this cold, but it still felt good. It was pleasantly challenging and just felt great.

Interesting sidenote: Recently I’ve been visiting a new church.  The first “small group” that I visited in this church was not very welcoming- in fact I would even go so far as to say this group outright rejected visitors such as myself. This happens to be a somewhat large church and luckily that particular group is not representative of the church as a whole- I found a different group within the church that has welcomed me. Since I’ve continued to go the church, I’ve run into people from the unwelcoming group, and while I’m tactful, I’m not shy about telling them why I won’t come back. Anyway this morning a girl from that group was in my yoga class for the first time. I recognized her and greeted her briefly prior to the class. However at the end of the class, this girl really rushed out of there!

After yoga, I picked up Sadie for a walk (4 miles). It felt great to get outside again. I have to admit that I’ve struggled with walking her lately, just because walking feels so SLOW! I get bored so quickly! I certainly never imagined that I would one day be at this point in my life, but I certainly appreciate it!

Due to this cold, I’ve lost a full week of training, and that’s certainly frustrating, but I intend to keep pushing in the remaining 3 weeks or so before the Hospital Hill race. It’s changed my goals- now I am just focusing on crossing the finish line strong, not reaching any particular time or pace. But perhaps that is a good thing- I mean, shouldn’t that be the ultimate goal of any race? There are so many factors we can’t control, including illness and injury, but even if all our training is perfect the weather might not be. Ultimately a PR is the moment when all the stars align, but racing is what we do in spite of, or even because of all the craziness in our lives!