5 miles and Hospital Hill nerves

Holy smokes. Just over a week before the Hospital Hill half marathon. Not enough time!

I ran 5 miles today, and it was so-so. Getting sick and losing a week of training has really messed with my head. Plus there’s just not enough time for any more significant amounts of training. One of the hardest and most frustrating things for me is that I still do not have my mid-race nutrition issues figured out. I know I bonked in my last race, and since I have not figured out what I can eat without upsetting my stomach, I figure there’s a good chance I’ll bonk again- or else I’ll wind up running for a Port-a-Potty with digestive troubles, which is not much better than bonking.

But at the same time, there’s also a big part of me that realizes that I can only do the best I can do. Whether that’s a PR or DNF, all I can do is line up at the start and do the best I can. I’ll always have a “mental” asterisk next to this race- “this was the one I ran after losing a week of training”. So even if I bonk, that will be okay. And, hey, if I get a PR, that will make it all that much sweeter.