3.1 miles, no mp3 player, best time?

This one’s a curiosity. I decided to head out on an easy 5k today, and not long after I left, I realized I’d forgotten my mp3 player. I was feeling optimistic and maybe even a bit crazy, so I pressed on. Since this is only a training run, I figured I would not push myself too hard anyway.

Now let me stop to point out- one BIG reason I usually run with my mp3 player is that I HATE to listen to myself breathing, or breathing hard. Maybe it’s leftover from all those years of not being an athlete. Maybe it’s just me. Whatever.

Anyway, I’m out there, I’m running, and I’m pushing myself but certainly not as hard as usual. It started raining, and rained during most of my run, but it was only a light sprinkle and never too problematic. I even got a little mantra going during my run: “little more, little more, just fine, just fine” (as in, run a little more, you’re doing just fine). I pushed myself, but I didn’t go all out- just a gentle, consistent push.

So how is it that I matched my best time (42:00) for this route?

Shoot, I may even have bested my time on this route- since I usually just look at my watch when I leave and when I return, it can “vary” by up to a minute.

Makes no sense to me. But maybe I just need to get used to the sound of my breathing…