I’m struggling lately.

There. I admitted it. Lately it has been HARD to convince myself to leave the house and run. I’m not exactly sure why. Somehow it’s lost the spark that I had when I first started running. It’s some kind of energy or enthusiasm that motivated me, that I’ve lost.

It’s not a good excuse, but my body has been giving in to inertia, to a natural tendency towards rest.

I’m already committed to running a half marathon on Saturday, and don’t worry- I’m still doing that. I’m a little nervous because the weather forecast is predicting hot, humid, and sunny temperatures- not ideal for running! but I will jump in and just do the best I can.

After that, I have a couple of options. I could cut back on my mileage and focus on building my confidence in the 5k distances. Or, I could do the opposite- keep increasing my mileage and look towards the Kansas City marathon in October.

Tonight I received an invitation to a challenge: running 60 miles in June. Training to run a marathon would be HARD! If I do that, if I aim for that goal, I know it would be extremely rewarding, but I also know it would be extremely challenging. I would have to be so dedicated- hey, it’s hard to train for a race that is so far into the future! I would need LOTS of support to keep me going on the days when I want to sleep in.

But then again, how many people can say they’ve run a marathon?

2 thoughts on “motivation”

  1. Sometimes the best way to fix motivation is to actually sign up for a race – then you’ve paid the dollars and put your name in the hat and don’t have many other choices. It’s a start to getting excited and really wanting to complete a training program. And while October is a ways off – if you do the full, you can start a 12 week training program soon that will gradually amp you to rock the race. Motivation can be hard to maintain sometimes – especially when it gets hot out there – but you’ll figure out what makes you tick.

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