sleepy updates :)

All week, I’ve been fighting exhaustion. I’m figuring out that, in the week or so following a half marathon, I just have to plan on sleeping longer and taking things a bit easier!

It’s a bit frustrating, but then I remember when I thought 3.1 miles was a totally insurmountable goal. Hard to believe that was only a year or so ago! Now 3.1 is just the opposite- it’s a light workout. Yikes!

Since I’ve been dogsitting this week, I took the dog for several walks. Definitely much easier than any kind of “training” but at the same time it felt good.

I’m already signed up for the Rock the Crossroads 5k on July 9. It’s an EVENING race, which I’m looking forward to after dragging myself out of bed early for my last half marathon! I’m sure it will be hot, but for only 3.1, that won’t be such a big deal.

I am also preparing to go out of town next week- to visit my older sister, who lives in Boston, and also to travel into Canada for a bit. I’m kind of excited, because this will be my first real opportunity to train while I’m on vacation. Of course, I’m sure that some days will be a bit easier, since I may be on my feet for a long time some days, but I will also get to explore hotel gyms and run in different cities, which I’ve NEVER done before.

Oh, I’m also working REALLY HARD to pamper this blistered area on my foot. I wish I’d thought to take a photo of this blister when it was at its worst! In the days before I was a runner, I had a terrible habit of picking at dead skin on my feet. Now that I run, I am doing MUCH better at taking good care of my feet, but it’s hard when I have a huge blister like this! I also don’t want to wind up with painful feet when I’m on vacation.

Anyway- I’m still alive over here, just sleeping a lot more and not working enough. 🙂 Pretty soon- possibly as soon as tomorrow- I’m gonna get myself back out and training for a 5k. Not sure what the future holds beyond that- but then again I’m not real worried about that. Life is good. What more could I want?