the latest

Okay, so I’ve been MIA for awhile. From this site at least. But, in my defense, I was on vacation. Sometimes I think it’s good to take a break- especially with a job like this, where I don’t get a “break”.

Anyway. I haven’t been blogging, but I HAVE been running. This past vacation was the first vacation in my life where I sought out the fitness centers in hotels and exercised while I was on vacation. That was pretty awesome.

I’ve run since I got home too, in the past few days. Some pretty strong runs- not long but at least two or three miles each time.

On Saturday I have a 5k. This should be very, very interesting, since I’ve only sort of been training. I’m not at all worried about finishing it, which is kinda funny- 3.1 miles doesn’t sound so long anymore! But since my training has been a little bit hit and miss, I don’t know what my time will be. Also, it’s crazy hot and humid around here, and it’s an evening 5k, so that heat and humidity will surely play a factor! But I’m looking forward to it and I expect it will be fun!