six to 5k

Six hours to my next 5k. I’m getting a little nervous, but not much. I’m trying to push myself to drink a lot of water and just mentally psych myself out, if that makes sense.

The elevation is not too bad for this race. The only real uphill is from mile 1.1 to mile 1.7 (see below), so I know if I can make it that far, the rest of it will be a breeze. That’s enough of a hill to be a challenge, but once I make it, I will focus on the flat and downhill sections of the rest of the race.

The weather is supposed to be hot- my other reason for drinking lots of water. The race starts at 7:30pm. The Weather Channel says the temperature will be about 88 degrees (Fahrenheit)(see below), but with humidity around 60%. There are supposed to be two aid stations, and I’m sure I will take advantage of both. In fact, maybe I should get two cups of water (or one gatorade and one water) at each aid station. Gotta stay hydrated!

This is my first evening race. It’s good that this is only a 5k, because the heat is so oppressive that I don’t think a half marathon or even a 10k would be reasonable. But I am looking forward to the race and to another chance to push myself. In fact, this is only my second 5k, and I actually feel like in a lot of ways I haven’t trained as well as I did for my last 5k. On the other hand, in my last 5k the entire first mile was uphill, whereas this 5k is much more flat.

Either way this is gonna be great!