rock the crossroads race recap

Ahh, summer. When my life gets so busy that I lose track of everything…

Last Saturday I ran the Rock the Crossroads 5k race in Kansas City. I have very little to say about the actual race… it was a very average medium-sized race. The organization of it was okay, not outstanding but not bad.

The race began at 7:30 at night, and it was HOT. The temperature was 89-90 degrees and it was VERY humid. I spent most of the 36 hours or so before the race trying to drink lots of water so that I could reduce my risk of dehydration!

The race began in front of Grinders in Kansas City. When I picked up my tshirt and bib, I was a bit surprised to be carded. Turned out it was so they could give me a wristband certifying that I am old enough to drink for the concert planned after the race.

But of course it didn’t end there. Prior to the race, I was very surprised and, honestly, shocked to see many runners drinking beer and/or smoking cigarettes. These people were definitely planning to run the race- in most cases they already had their bib pinned on. Now look, personally I do not drink alcohol but I have nothing against responsible drinking. I’ve even known a number of runners who enjoy a post-race beer or cocktail. Shoot, there are several “pub to pub” races here in Kansas City, where the race ends at a bar. But prior to a race, alcohol poses a bit risk of causing dehydration. When the weather is 90 degrees and humid, that risk goes up exponentially. And the smoking is just- I mean, it’s smoking! No way that is good for you!

Anyway. The pre-race festivities were overall very disappointing because of all that drinking and smoking. This is the first and only race I’ve ever been to that completely lacked a focus on fitness and health.

me, pre-race. See my drinking wristband on my right wrist?

The only other event of note in this race was my “kick”- you know, at the end of the race, when you push yourself really hard to shave a few seconds off your time. In a lot of ways I think this was my best kick so far. Once I turned the corner and saw the finish line (maybe two-tenths of a mile ahead), I really dug in and ran as fast as I could. I actually saw my parents standing by the finish line, but I did not even acknowledge them, because so much of my energy was focused on propelling myself forward as fast as I could!

Near the end of the race. I’m in the center, in the navy blue running tank.

Hehe, running so fast that my parents couldn’t even get a good photo!

My final clock time was 45:43.3, and my chip time was 44:47.4.

3 thoughts on “rock the crossroads race recap”

  1. Do you see these comments on your older posts?

    I did the 2014 Rock the Crossroads 5K on Saturday evening. Sure was hot, but apparently so was I because I got a new 5K PR.

    I agree with your thoughts about this being more of a party event than a running event. I ran it because a friend invited me, but unless she invites me again, I probably won’t run it next year.

    1. Yup, I see these comments.

      I also liked that RTC was an evening race. Just adds a bit of variety, I suppose, after all the morning races. 🙂 But I was definitely a bit thrown by the party atmosphere. I actually remember, when I ran past an apartment building near the end of the race, there was a group of people standing on a balcony, drinking beer, and yelling somewhat-insulting things at us. I wasn’t insulted – heaven knows I’ve had enough people honk or yell or whistle at me, and it’s just not worth getting excited over. It just added to the party atmosphere, and it didn’t make sense.

      Though, the t-shirt I got from RTC was cut really nicely and well made. I still wear it regularly because it looks good on me. 🙂

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