Last week my parents received a Garmin Nuvi GPS. We have an upcoming family reunion in the mountains, at a very “natural” location that will have very little modern technology. We’ll have WiFi access, but no televisions and not much indoor entertainment. (and what indoor entertainment we’ll have will mostly be sports-related- indoor basketball, indoor rock climbing, indoor ice skating, etc.) Knowing we’ll need things to do during the day, and our options are mostly limited to hiking- and cycling-related activities, we’ve begun exploring the world of geocaching.

Last night we went out to explore our first “caches” at a local park. Since it was hot and muggy, we didn’t get out until twilight, and in the dimming light, we did not find anything. No worries. We still had fun.

But last night, as I lay in bed, I was seized by a fit of… well, insanity, probably. I decided to set my alarm for 7:00, which, on a Saturday, is very early for me! I got up early and returned to this park, where I found those caches. I ran in between the caches a little, but seeing as it was pretty hot, I didn’t run very fast. Since I wound up spending longer than I’d expected searching for the caches, I only finished about two miles- and since I stopped running periodically to look for caches, this was no training run.

It was hot and a little challenging, but overall I’m super pleased with my whole week. I’ve exercised a lot, I’ve consistently worked out, and I’m happy with this training. 🙂