heat, treadmills, and a 15k

Almost forgot to post today! I made it to the gym this afternoon- it is just HOT HOT HOT, and there’s no way I could’ve run outside. I got on the treadmill and ran some speedwork, very similar to what I ran last week. I actually considered making today a rest day, but since I am going out of town later this week and may not be able to keep working out, I didn’t want to miss this.

The first half of the workout went pretty well, but the second half kinda just fell apart. I had to include extra recovery minutes and just was not succeeding in pushing as much as I wanted. Regardless, I still got in a pretty good workout- 2.52 miles in 37 minutes.

I had some tummy issues towards the end of the workout- like my stomach was just a solid block and felt mildly uncomfortable. I was still able to finish my workout, but I was glad to be done. Luckily I don’t think it’s anything serious- just a big lunch, combined with the heat and maybe a touch of dehydration.

Tomorrow morning I will get up for my yoga class. My yoga teacher is also a runner, so I always enjoy that. There is an upcoming 15k (Kansas City 15k) which she is running, and which I’m sooo tempted to sign up for. I also really want to run a 4-mile race at the zoo which is just one week before this 15k, but I’ve never run a 15k and it would be fun to add that to my race resume!