mental training

It’s so hard. *sigh*

In all seriousness, I’ve been thinking about this more and more lately. For a little over a year, I’ve been adding miles to my runs. This is impressive in itself. However, throughout this time, my pace has not changed significantly. I’m sure that this is at least partially due to mentally holding myself back.

I suppose it goes back to my childhood. As a child, I was never athletic, and I was never a runner. For my first 26 years or so, I would tell myself (and anyone who asked) that I wasn’t a runner. I was a lot of other things, good things- I was an academic, I was a writer, and so on- but not a runner.

Now I am a runner, and that’s pretty cool. I like thinking of myself as a runner. But in those earlier years, I built some pretty solid mental walls that I have to break down. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely rewarding.

Anyway- today I ran at the gym again. It’s still ridiculously hot outside. I did hills today- 2 minutes at 1% incline, 1 minute at 2% incline, 2 minutes at 1% incline, 2 minutes recovery. The first two cycles were not bad, the third cycle was challenging, but the fourth cycle was BRUTAL. I really had to push myself to get through that- tons of “mind over matter”!!! I’m quite pleased that I completed it. I did a total of 2.3 miles in 32 minutes, with a pace of about 13:54. I’m just delighted by that pace, and I just hope I can keep pushing myself. I know if I can keep pushing myself, I will improve even more!