weight training, upcoming vacation

What a day. I’ll be leaving for another vacation tomorrow, so today has been full of last-minute things- running errands, buying last minute stuff. I managed to squeeze in a short weight training session. Just my luck- at the gym, I ran into one of my former teachers, and she was in a chatty mood, so my short session became even shorter. *sigh* Oh well- it’s better than nothing!

This vacation will mostly consist of a family reunion. It will be fun, I’m sure- it’s for my mother’s side of the family, which does not celebrate these reunions often. But I must admit, I’m still quite anxious about it. One “remnant” of my car accident, which few people seem to understand, is that I’m hugely set in my routines. It’s a common side effect of brain injuries- especially severe brain injuries like mine. It’s silly, really, and I know that, but it really makes me anxious to go into unknown places- like the camp where they are holding this family reunion. It tends to make vacations a challenge for me. I don’t mind hotels- I usually stay at Holiday Inn Express, and I know what to expect there. Also, those hotels usually have franchise restaurants nearby, and I usually know what to expect at those. But this camp is in the Rocky Mountains and quite remote, so I have every reason to believe that there are not any “familiar” places like that.

Anyway. The next week and a half should be an adventure. Hopefully the internet will work and I’ll be able to post updates!