hiking and family reunions

First of all, I apologize if this post doesn’t make sense. I happen to be playing a game of Phase 10 while I type this.

I am securely planted in a lodge and summer camp in the Rocky Mountains, where my extended family gathered for a family reunion and to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Today has been our first full day of reunion- before that, it was basically nearly 2 days of driving to get here.

Today, we spent the morning with a professional photographer, taking “family photos”. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it much. The photos were taken outside, looking into the sun. I wear contact lenses, and I just cannot look into the sun (without sunglasses) without getting a monster headache. Even with sunglasses, I don’t like to do that. So in all the photos, I’m squinting and it looks like my eyes are closed. Also (just as I expected) I got the monster headache that went along with it.

This afternoon, I went geocaching with my parents, my sister, aunt, and uncle. We chose a particular trail (3 miles long) and noted the coordinates of three geocaches hidden along it. Out of those three, one must be long gone, because we were never able to find it. The other two were both spotted by my aunt- apparently a hidden talent, since this was her first geocaching adventure!

I was pleased to discover that the wifi is free- previously, I had been told that I would have to pay $5 per day to get online.

Colorado has SO many fewer bugs than Missouri. It’s fantastic to go for a hike and not come home eaten to bits by mosquitos. It’s drier too- so much drier. Plus it actually gets cool at night!

I packed my running clothes and will likely work out here, but I’m waiting a couple of days. I read somewhere that you do the majority of your acclimation to to elevation in the first two days, plus I was exhausted and I know I needed a day or two to just catch up on my sleep.

My family loves to play games, which is why I’m playing Phase 10 while I type. Since I’m self employed, I don’t get traditional vacations, and I brought my computer so I can work in the evenings or while my family is napping. Tomorrow there is talk of possibly going canoeing- I’ll be updating for sure!