back to the grindstone, upcoming races

Home sweet home. Vacation was great, but it’s a relief to be back in my own stomping grounds.

The last week has been a little crazy and basically has afforded me zero opportunities for a proper workout. Most of it was the last part of my vacation. I did some work helping out around my grandparents’ home, and walked around a museum (the Denver Museum of Nature and Science) one day, but like I said, no proper workouts.

I actually got home two days ago (late Monday night), but I was so exhausted that I let myself have Tuesday off. The whole vacation, honestly, was in some ways exhausting. I mean, it was fun, but I was staying up late playing games and getting up early for breakfast and morning activities, so I spent the whole time really on the edge. Plus, every evening we had family gatherings that were LOUD, and that was such a huge struggle for me.

It’s still ridiculously hot around my home. Seriously frustrating, since it makes it harder to work out. It’s challenging enough for me to get back into my routine- going to bed early, getting up every morning, working, running, and so on. I don’t need any additional challenges! 🙂

My next race will probably be the Kansas City Zoo Run on Sept. 17. The 2010 zoo run was actually my first race. 🙂 Since hills are not my skill, and since I did start running with the Couch to 5k plan, I’m thinking about re-doing C25K, except with hills… like, running with a two or three percent incline and recovering with a jog/fast walk.

Anyway. This afternoon I plan to go to the gym. Either way it will be good to get back into running.