lights, sirens, and nighttime runs

I was originally planning to swim today, but woke up with a sore shoulder. (I blame it on my strength training last Thursday- I’ve been doing more and more pushups. They’re wimpy pushups, but they’re working my arms nonetheless!) Tonight I opted to run (OUTSIDE! not on the treadmill!), and this was a run of many firsts:

  • First evening/nighttime run. I was busy all afternoon, which was just as well, because it was so hot that there’s no way I could’ve run until after the sun went down a bit anyway. Sunset was at 8:24pm (I believe) and I left at 8:34pm
  • First run in the dark. It was twilight when I left and dark when I got home. I chose a route that was lit by streetlights, plus I was very familiar with that route, so I wasn’t worried about safety. But it was still a pretty fantastic way to run!
  • First time I’ve been scared to death by a wild rabbit that dashed out in front of me!
  • Most importantly, perhaps… tonight was the first time I was passed by both a fire truck and ambulance with the lights and sirens blaring! About two miles into my run, I heard sirens. I did what I thought was the responsible thing, which was to slow down to a walk, step off the road, look, listen, and figure out what direction the sirens were coming from. Surely enough, a moment later, a fire truck with the lights and sirens blaring whipped around the corner I’d just passed a few moments ago. By this time I was a couple of feet off the road, and I just watched as the fire truck passed me and turned around another corner just ahead of me. I moved forward a little bit, but slowly and cautiously as I wanted to make sure all the cars around me saw me. Not even a moment later, I heard more sirens, and surely enough a lights-and-sirens ambulance followed the fire truck, passed me, and turned the corner ahead of me. I stood in one place for a couple of minutes, probably, just re-orienting myself and figuring out what all the other vehicles around me were doing.

My overall time turned out to be 45 minutes on the dot- including the minute or two when I paused following my lights-and-sirens adventure! I definitely pushed myself, including a couple of hills and other challenges, and I’m delighted by this time! Tomorrow will be an off day, but I’m looking forward to next week- the weather looks like it will get cooler and I will be able to do more non-treadmill runs! Yay!