busy busy days!

Where does the time go? 🙂

Seriously- where does the time go? This week, I have been INCREDIBLY busy with work. That’s a good thing, but the result has been that my websites have been woefully neglected!!

I HAVE done a remarkably good job at exercising, even while I’ve been so busy with work. In the past, I’ve often allowed my busy-ness at work to get in the way of training, but today is the first day this week that I have been completely unable to work out. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I ran 3.1 miles. On Tuesday, I did an hour of yoga and 4 miles of dog walking. On Thursday, I did two miles of dog walking.

So, overall, it’s been a crazy-busy week, but it’s been good. The weather is cooling off a little, so I’ve been able to run outside. This has been a good week. Between the running and the working, I’m feeling really strong this week!