slow run, inability to cross train?

Wow, I’m really tired today.

I woke up early, which (for me) is really good in itself. After an hour or so, when I was a bit more awake, and partially due to some encouragement on Twitter and Facebook, I went for a run. Yowza.

It’s not that it was a bad run, but it was a HARD run! After a hard run on Tuesday and then a hill run on Wednesday, my legs were tired! I ran 3.1 miles, but it was slowwww. Today probably should have been a rest/cross-training day. Lesson learned!

On the upside (well, depending on how you look at it!), for the rest of the day my legs were pleasantly exhausted. It feels fantastic when my muscles are tired- not extremely achy or painful, but just reluctant to respond. It’s almost like I’ve beaten my muscles into submission, like a reminder that my body is as strong as my mind wills it to be!

Part of my challenge right now is a lack of cross training options. There’s an outbreak of cryptosporidium going through our local pools right now- that is a type of parasite that causes severe diarrhea. Swimming, a great upper-body workout, sounds just divine right now, but it’s gonna have to wait a few more weeks. I’m not wild about the elliptical, and I generally don’t feel like I get a solid workout from the stationery bikes. For an aerobic workout, this just leaves treadmill or road running, every day.

My only other “cross training” option is weight lifting. That’s probably what I will do tomorrow- definitely no running. I have GOT to rest my legs, so I will focus on upper body lifting. It still frustrates me, though- why is it that I really want to swim at the one time when I really can’t?