the anti-race push, finding mantras and meaning to press on

I have a race in just a few days. This is a very exciting and very good thing. But I’m noticing an odd quirk in myself…

It seems that the closer I get to most races, the less I want to run. Let me explain.

Six to eight weeks before a race, usually I’m paying the race fee and making it official. Knowing I have six to eight weeks to prepare myself for a particular race, I’m excited to get out of bed early, push myself to try new distances, and just run. When I have a good workout, I think about what an great time I will have if I just keep working out like this. It’s fantastic!

Four weeks before a race, I’m usually doing a good job of continuing my training. I may be a little nervous, but am still excited, expecting a great race ahead.

Two weeks before a race, it’s usually hard to believe that the race is coming so soon, and I’m usually frustrated that my training has not progressed more. (faster paces, longer distances, etc.)

One week before a race, I know that I am going to run the race and just do the best I can. But the curiosity is, this is the time when I want to run least! For some reason, during this week, I just do not want to get out of the house to run. Sometimes I cross train, and I usually get some running done, but not a lot and nothing terribly challenging! Am I weird or what? 🙂

Anyway, this will be an interesting race. I’ve run this course before, so the good news is that I am familiar with this race course. The bad news, of course, is that I’m familiar with this race course! I know that the first mile is pretty easy, but I also know that there’s a monstrous hill at the end of mile 2. I know there are lots of neat zoo animals that we pass in this race, but I also know that mile 4 has arguably the most challenging terrain of the race.

So, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I know I will have a good time. I’m looking forward to running this route again. I am also searching for mantras, inspirational words, and inspirational names to write on my arms, to help me push when it gets hard. I don’t expect this to be an “easy” race… but aren’t those the races that mean the most?