Woke up early for yoga class today, which went well. My left elbow was a little weak but it was still overall a good class.

After yoga and breakfast, like I always do on Tuesdays, I stopped at a friend’s house to pick up their dog, so I could take the dog for a walk. We went to our favorite park, got out of the car, and began our walk.

But we’d scarcely gotten out of the car when I began to have a TERRIBLE allergy attack. Sneezing, runny nose, the whole nine yards. Pollen has been bad this year, but I was still surprised to find myself SO sick. I decided to cut our walk very short after only a half mile. Much as I wanted to run or walk or SOMETHING, I just couldn’t stay outside.

I returned the dog and went home to shower, which helped but did not entirely eliminate the allergy problem. I wound up running to a drugstore and buying a neti pot, as none of my allergy medicine seemed to be working. The neti pot was cheap and seemed to help a bit. I’m exhausted, so I will be falling into bed soon. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!