mojo lost, mojo found?

I’ve tried every day for the past week to find something to write, but I found nothing.

Truth is, it’s been an “off” week. My sleep schedule has been all over the place, which is very disruptive for me. And while I’ve exercised once or twice, by and large I haven’t been working out.

So today I did the only logical thing… I got out there and ran.

It wasn’t terribly long, and it wasn’t terribly fast (although it turned out to be faster than I’d expected!). It was 3.1 miles, and I purposely left my watch at home, although my time was in the 45:00 or 46:00 range, which is very good for an “untimed” run. Overall though I’m just pleased that I got out there and ran.

To the individual in the red car (I think it was a Ford Mustang) with the word “CROWN” painted across the side of the car in big gold letters- honking and hooting at me was VERY lame. I’m not saying I’m upset by it, because you clearly need to do a bit of running yourself. But FYI, honking at random runners does NOT make you cool!

Anyway… I ran today. I’m happy with that.