creepy dog guy

This is a run that almost wasn’t. Kudos to my sister, who convinced me to go on an afternoon run.

It was actually a really good run. It started out FANTASTIC- I was pushing and honestly felt like I was on track to set a PR for this particular course. It was cold outside but great running weather.

Then… about two miles into the run, a medium-sized dog, some kind of terrier, started running toward me. He was running in the street and no owner was nearby, but he was wearing tags. He wouldn’t let me see the tags, though.

Just as I was about to give up on him and return home, another dog comes running towards me- a large, overweight golden lab. Now that was seriously unnerving- anyone who runs understands how frightening it can be when a dog, particularly a large dog, comes running at you.

Thankfully, this one seemed tame. Every time he got close to me, he would stop and sorta kneel. He was acting like he wanted me to follow. This one let me look at his tags- not that it did much good. His tag had THREE phone numbers, nothing else, and (murphy’s law?) I didn’t have my phone.

I started motioning to passing drivers, making a phone with my thumb and pinky finger. Here were two dogs, both of which seemed to be relatively tame, and running around in the street. Leaving them just didn’t seem right. Besides, every step I took, they followed me. Several drivers ignored me, but finally a woman in an SUV rolled down her window and told me that the two “stray” dogs lived in that blue house over there, and they were always running loose like this, you should say something because they’re going to get hit one day.

Fine. So I walked over to this house and rang the doorbell. (Incidentally, I observed that the Lab looked like he would make a fine running partner. He also looked like he could use the exercise.) I heard someone from the inside yell “come in!” This is a strange house with strange people, so… I ignored it. I don’t walk into strangers’ homes. After several minutes, someone came to the door. It was a man, around my age (late 20s, early 30s), carrying a little girl, maybe three years old.

I asked him if these are his dogs. He said the lab is his, and the terrier belongs to the next house down. I told him he needs to keep them on a leash or chain, so they don’t get hit by a car. He apologized- but then it got creepy. He said, “I don’t think we’ve met before, what is your name, dear?” Dear? Look, if it was an old guy, I’d chalk it up to “weird old guy”, not a big deal. But this is a young guy, and quite frankly, I am not his “dear”.

I introduced myself, and he responds, “where do you live, dear?” Okay, two “dears”? Yea, he’s definitely creepy. I made a general reply- “Oh, I live over by the school” and waved my hand in that general direction. Then I got outta there. I don’t want anything to do with this “creepy dog guy”.

I finished my run in a total of 48 minutes- including the time taken to deal with creepy dog guy. So my pace was really pretty strong overall, and it was honestly a really good run, other than the dog issue!