i am unstoppable!!


Yesterday was busy but great. I got out of bed early, ate a quick breakfast, and headed to the gym to knock out 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I took a book, and that REALLY helped the time fly. After coming home, cleaning up, and making an early lunch, I left home to run some errands. Finally I went to the library, where I spent the afternoon working. I had a VERY productive afternoon, and ended the day strong!

Today was also busy and also great. It was almost a repeat of yesterday, but that’s clearly a good thing! I got out of bed early, ate breakfast, dressed, and then ran 3.1 miles. Perhaps my biggest accomplishment of the day: During that run, I was really focusing on making myself run slowly. I think I was succeeding, because there were several hills that seemed somewhat EASIER today!!! Not what I would call “easy”, but for them to be a little easier than before? That’s a huge win!!!

After my workout, I cleaned up and went to the library, where I had another wonderfully productive afternoon. Yesterday and today have been a huge accomplishment for me. I didn’t just wake up early, work out, or get lots of work done- I did ALL that, both days. Days like this make me feel absolutely UNSTOPPABLE!!