t-tapp review

I am the only runner in my family.

For some time now, my sister has been trying to convince me to do an exercise program called T-Tapp. Now, it’s important to point out that our lives are VERY different. I’m self employed, she has a 40-hour workweek. I live in the Midwest, she lives on the East Coast. I live with my parents to save money, she owns her own condominium. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

T-Tapp is an exercise video program created by Teresa Tapp that claims to make you “fit and fabulous in 15 minutes” per day. I totally respect that this works for some people, but I have some HUGE reservations about this program.

Now let me preface this: I love my sister. If you don’t mind videos and you only have 15 minutes in a day to work out, this will get you moving. It’s better than sitting on your behind and eating junk food. But here are my concerns:

  • Perhaps the most important thing I have learned along my running journey: there are no shortcuts. The only way to prepare and run a marathon is to put in the miles to train for it… weeks and weeks of getting out of bed early, even when you don’t feel like it. It means buying really nice (read: expensive) shoes and clothes. It means always keeping Ibuprofen handy. 15 minutes a day is better than zero minutes a day, but 30 minutes is better than 15, and 60 is better than 30.
  • Also, this is a direct quote from Teresa Tapp’s book: “Most days I try to eat a balanced diet, but I cheat frequently. I can rarely drive by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop when the red light is on… (and) my office staff must occassionally hide almond M&Ms from me. The good news is that T-Tapp helps to reset your metabolism to burn at a faster rate, so you can eat, cheat, and still lose inches!”
  • Also: “I am five feet seven inches tall, weigh about 130 pounds, and wear a size six. I haven’t gone to a gym, lifted a single weight, or done any other exercise program except T-Tapp for over twenty years. Even then, I don’t work out every day- and you won’t have to, either. In fact, T-Tapp workouts are based on quality, not quantity, with movements designed to give maximum results in minimum time.”
  • Teresa Tapp talks a lot about her research, but I cannot find any studies or articles published by her in peer-reviewed medical journals.
  • There are virtually no negative reviews about T-Tapp anywhere on the internet. To me, this is a red flag. I’m not saying that I don’t believe positive reviews, but many of those reviews are so over-the-top positive that they sound fake. A really good review makes specific positive and/or negative comments about the product- not just “it’s the best/worst product in existence!”
  • Her moves are very jerky and non-graceful. Some of them require you to lock your joints. I don’t profess to be a medical expert, but based on my experiences with physical therapy and personal training, I know that this is very rarely recommended. In fact, it’s my understanding that these types of moves are generally only done by elite athletes and while under the guidance of their trainers. Doing her moves makes me afraid I will injure myself!
  • The production quality is very low. The videos are set in what appears to be her living room, and I can hear ordinary neighborhood noises (sirens, car motors) in the background.
  • There’s no music in her videos. She says this is to allow you to really focus on the exercises, but it really makes the videos quite boring!
  • Teresa acts like she has a corner on the core exercise market- like hers is the ONLY workout for creating core strength. If that was true, my abs wouldn’t be sore from the crunches and core workout that I did today!
  • Teresa is not particularly articulate. Maybe this is just because I am a writer, but this drives me nuts!
  • Teresa makes no secret that she used to work in the fashion industry. She’s very lean, but I wonder how much of that is due to her “miracle” workout and how much of it is just good genes!
  • Finally, and this is just a personal thing: I can’t stand exercise videos. I find them incredibly boring, especially as my physical strength has improved.

Like I said earlier- I love my sister and I totally respect that this product works for her. But as for me, I will continue running, with a twist of yoga and cross training!