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I am the only runner in my family.

For some time now, my sister has been trying to convince me to do an exercise program called T-Tapp. Now, it’s important to point out that our lives are VERY different. I’m self employed, she has a 40-hour workweek. I live in the Midwest, she lives on the East Coast. I live with my parents to save money, she owns her own condominium. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

T-Tapp is an exercise video program created by Teresa Tapp that claims to make you “fit and fabulous in 15 minutes” per day. I totally respect that this works for some people, but I have some HUGE reservations about this program.

Now let me preface this: I love my sister. If you don’t mind videos and you only have 15 minutes in a day to work out, this will get you moving. It’s better than sitting on your behind and eating junk food. But here are my concerns:

  • Perhaps the most important thing I have learned along my running journey: there are no shortcuts. The only way to prepare and run a marathon is to put in the miles to train for it… weeks and weeks of getting out of bed early, even when you don’t feel like it. It means buying really nice (read: expensive) shoes and clothes. It means always keeping Ibuprofen handy. 15 minutes a day is better than zero minutes a day, but 30 minutes is better than 15, and 60 is better than 30.
  • Also, this is a direct quote from Teresa Tapp’s book: “Most days I try to eat a balanced diet, but I cheat frequently. I can rarely drive by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop when the red light is on… (and) my office staff must occassionally hide almond M&Ms from me. The good news is that T-Tapp helps to reset your metabolism to burn at a faster rate, so you can eat, cheat, and still lose inches!”
  • Also: “I am five feet seven inches tall, weigh about 130 pounds, and wear a size six. I haven’t gone to a gym, lifted a single weight, or done any other exercise program except T-Tapp for over twenty years. Even then, I don’t work out every day- and you won’t have to, either. In fact, T-Tapp workouts are based on quality, not quantity, with movements designed to give maximum results in minimum time.”
  • Teresa Tapp talks a lot about her research, but I cannot find any studies or articles published by her in peer-reviewed medical journals.
  • There are virtually no negative reviews about T-Tapp anywhere on the internet. To me, this is a red flag. I’m not saying that I don’t believe positive reviews, but many of those reviews are so over-the-top positive that they sound fake. A really good review makes specific positive and/or negative comments about the product- not just “it’s the best/worst product in existence!”
  • Her moves are very jerky and non-graceful. Some of them require you to lock your joints. I don’t profess to be a medical expert, but based on my experiences with physical therapy and personal training, I know that this is very rarely recommended. In fact, it’s my understanding that these types of moves are generally only done by elite athletes and while under the guidance of their trainers. Doing her moves makes me afraid I will injure myself!
  • The production quality is very low. The videos are set in what appears to be her living room, and I can hear ordinary neighborhood noises (sirens, car motors) in the background.
  • There’s no music in her videos. She says this is to allow you to really focus on the exercises, but it really makes the videos quite boring!
  • Teresa acts like she has a corner on the core exercise market- like hers is the ONLY workout for creating core strength. If that was true, my abs wouldn’t be sore from the crunches and core workout that I did today!
  • Teresa is not particularly articulate. Maybe this is just because I am a writer, but this drives me nuts!
  • Teresa makes no secret that she used to work in the fashion industry. She’s very lean, but I wonder how much of that is due to her “miracle” workout and how much of it is just good genes!
  • Finally, and this is just a personal thing: I can’t stand exercise videos. I find them incredibly boring, especially as my physical strength has improved.

Like I said earlier- I love my sister and I totally respect that this product works for her. But as for me, I will continue running, with a twist of yoga and cross training!

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  1. Thanks for posting your opinion of T-tapp. I too had been searching for more information on this method of exercise.
    I am inclined to agree with you that 30 mins is better than 15 mins.

  2. Thank you for the post and many points about the program. I was wondering if I should get it or not. Lots of Youtube videos, lots of praises. Few of my friends love it. I tried it once – the Basic Workout Plus and agree that it is boring. I thought I would love it, since I am not a jogger or a runner. Well, have to look for something else! Thanks again,

    1. Hello. I just stumbled on this post and had to laugh. I too was skeptical. I bought TTapp after a PT referred me to the website after an accident. I was like um…. no. Then, she talked me into it. I did the 15 minute workout everyday for two weeks and then did the one hour total body work out for a 14 day boot camp. I continued to alternate the Tempo upper body workout with the Tempo lower body workout every other day, six days a week. I also walk my dogs for an hour five days a week, about three miles (however, this is something I have always done, so this was not new to my body) I will also tell you I am NOT tied to TTapp or Theresa Tapp in any way. I do not know this woman, work for her company and have NOT been involved in anything related to her. I am not a paid spokes person, just a normal girl that got some advice by her physical therapist. When I started the program I had gained a TON of weight and went from a size 8/10 to a tight size 18. Within the first month, I dropped down TWO sizes. I ate six times a day but was NO saint; I love wine, cheese and red meat, and SWEETS. I did make better choices and kind of followed the weight watcher guidelines; not the program but I did not eliminate ANY foods, just used good judgment. By the end of my fourth month, I was back in my size 8’s, had more muscle tone and cuts than ever and was feeling AMAZING! You are correct, the exercises are not jumpy and have NO jumping music, I only had my dedication to keep me tuned in. Two months into TTapp, I added 25 minutes of extra cardio on my treadmill. I did intervals of speed walking and regular walking with a 5 minute cool down and warm up. I look better now than I have ever looked. I am a small woman, just under 5’4″ and a year later, I am in a comfortable size 4 petite and again, have NEVER looked so good. My abs, arms, legs, butt, you name it, I have muscle definition. The 15 minute a day workout will probably not get you these results, but the boot camp followed with the total body workout or the tempo workouts, will rock your body!! PROMISE and SCOUTS HONOR!!!! I hope you give TTapp a try, I was skeptical as well and I am so glad I chose to listen to a well trained PT!!

      Happy Holidays!!

      Jen N.

      1. I totally agree! This workout works! Have tried to share it with people but either they are too lazy to try something different or they think it is too good to be true. It is a mind body workout so it can be a challenge in the beginning but if you stick it out you will love the results.
        Deb L.

      2. I did t-tapp years ago and I went down several sizes, but ended up giving up when I didn’t lose enough weight fast enough, even though I lost lots of inches. So, now I am on this diet and losing weight in gobs and have been doing zumba, treadmill, stationery bike, etc., and all this weight is coming off. I was like…I know what I need to work into this, t-tapp every other day. It is an excellent tool for toning, sculpting and getting off the inches. On the diet I am on, it will rock. I feel that workout more than my treadmill or any of the other alternatives I use (I have even more than I listed). T-tapp rocks.

  3. I did her boot camp for one month which involves doing her very hardest work outs (either 35 or 55 minutes in length) every day for one month (preceded by 3 weeks of practicing the moves) . The results, drum roll please….I gained an inch in every measurement. Waist in particular! And of course went up in weight four pounds which I very much doubt was muscle. I chalk this up to having given up my usual spinning, yoga, and cardio workouts as instructed by her book. I eat a low fat vegan diet so it was not my food. Her food diets are just absurd. You alternate eating “man-made” and “God-made” foods. I have always had trouble gaining muscle, so it is possible that others who put on muscle easily will benefit from this. But, my sense is Teresa just got lucky in the lottery of body types; she does have rockin’ bod!

    1. No way does she say to do her workout everyday for a month. A bootcamp is from 4 to 14 days, you decide. She would be the first to tell you, you over did the exercises and probably did more harm then good. And you can do either her 15 or 45 minute workout for boot camp or the instructionals.

    2. First of all, you are not supposed to do the workout EVERY day for an entire month, you were actually working against yourself by doing this. And if you read anything at all on the T-Tapp website, you would read that you do a bootcamp for a few days to a week and then every other day, and eventually every 2 days. Your muscles swell to much doing it every day causing you to gain or not lose any inches, therefore, your supposed to take off days to give your muscles a break.

      You can’t bash the program if you don’t follow the directions.

  4. I have to disagree on one point. I typically can’t stand exercise videos because the soundtrack gets old really, really fast. I would rather turn on my own background music but the only way to do that on most DVDs is to mute out the instructional information, too.

    With respect to T-Tapp I would specifically appreciate more info on the MORE rehab video and its relevance to those who have suffered spine or knee injuries. If the standard instructional moves are jerky and lack grace perhaps the difference is that this one is more controlled? Can anyone comment on this particular material?

    For what it’s worth, I would imagine a non-fitness buff should start out with something milder than they might otherwise consider. But even on the part of regular exercisers, I suspect a common problem is that people over-estimate their fitness levels (or ability to follow instructions with regard to proper form) and start out at a level that is overly aggressive. Exercise taps different muscles in different ways and the strength and flexibility to do one type of exercise may not make one ready to jump into another.

    When it comes to negative exercise reviews it seems that those who end up hurting or complaining blame the program when it could be more a case of starting off at the wrong level and/or without one’s doctor’s approval relative to their age and general state of health. Admittedly, most doctors receive very little fitness and nutrition training in school but the old admonition of making sure you are healthy enough for a given activity still stands.

    1. I have used her rehab video or the one for those who have more candles on their cake. It is wonderful to rehab neck, back, knees and hips. I did it off and on for two years! I love t tapp. Just wish I was more consistent with it.

  5. Hello,
    I wanted to say that both my wife and my mother have gotten unbelievable results with the T-Tapp videos, doing 15 minutes every OTHER day. They specifically use the “MORE Rehab Program” video, which is very low impact. My wife previously had ruptured discs, and didn’t want to as she said, “Jump around like Barbie”. She is very happy with her results, and I might add, SO AM I! My Mom previously walked 3 miles/day/7 days a week and saw NO results. As a retired RN, she still cannot believe how quickly the T Tapp worked for her- something like 30 pounds and 17 inches in a couple weeks as I remember. NOTE: This included 10 days of juicing green veggies as per the youtube video “Fat, sick, and nearly dead”.

  6. I’ve had basically the same experience as Anne. I did the full T-Tapp workout for about a year and only gained weight and inches. I gave up weight training and some of my regular cardio to devote all my exercise time to T-Tapp (it was definitely a red flag to me that she recommended stopping all other forms of exercising except walking). I too am a very healthy eater and I did the exercises just as she demonstrated. I watched my muscles go from firm to flabby. It seems to me there is way too much hype and many exaggerated claims surrounding this exercise program. Most of the success stories in the book were quite overweight to begin with, so yes, if they get off the couch and start doing something consistently they’ll probably see some results. But if you’re already in decent shape and expect T-Tapp to increase your fitness level, don’t waist your time or money. I went in the opposite direction. Now I’m back to what I know works.

  7. I say, try something for a month or so before you decide you don’t like it. I am a T-Tapper and have lost 51” in a year! Her moves are very rehabilitative and do not cause stress to the body.

    I say give it another shot….and about the music, I don’t even notice not having any music because I’m to focused on making sure my form is just perfect.

    Just my .02….

    1. Miss Lisa – I’m cracking up. One day you may end up being a ‘cranky old bat’ particularly after going through menopause. I hope I’m around to hear you fret over how your body has changed. Oh, and a 411 and btw, bat is NOT spelled with two tees.

  8. Theresa Tapp calls her workout “comprehensive, compound muscle movement”.

    I’ve done her 15 minute workout for 18 months. In the beginning, it took some time for me to understand and be able to do her movements. Then, I thought “wow, I’ve got it.” About six months later, I would suddenly understand “oh, if I squeeze a little here and exhale there, it will make a significant difference!” And it did.

    I think that T-Tapp is a life-long exercise program, because you are always learning and fine-tuning the movements. In addition, your core strength is improving so you are able to focus the movements even more. It is a subtle workout and becomes more effective over time, because you understand it more. I’ve thought about this in relation to other workouts–say you are a swimming. Would you understand that by slightly changing the direction of your wrist as you American crawl, that it would make the swim more effective? (I would guess this only happens for professional or Olympic athletes.) This is what happens in T-Tapp. You become a more effective workout coach to yourself as you follow Theresa’s directions.

    T-Tapp perhaps would be akin to ballet, in that very subtle changes in your workout can greatly affect bodily changes. It’s not just “jumping in the water and splashing around”. It is a thoughtful workout.

    T-Tapp is also is interval training, as you are increasing your heart-rate, then decreasing it repeatedly. Because you do not bounce or jerk, it is rehabilitive. Theresa Tapp is attune to your body systems; I am so grateful to her for the healing I have had in my lymphatic system.

    Regarding the criticism that her videos are boring, I have to fondly think of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on PBS. As a child, I thought his program was boring after watching the fast-paced, sugar-coated-cereal advertisements of Saturday morning cartoons. Only after studying child development did I understand that his calm, one-camera, no music philosophy was what children REALLY needed. Theresa Tapp wants you to focus on your body, not the music or atmosphere. (Yes, after some time, you can efficiently do the workout on your own and listen to your own music or audios while doing it.)

    Regarding the inches gained–if you will read the testimonials or blogs of those who have done T-Tapp, particularly Charlotte Siems, you will see that gaining inches is common. We will workout hard for a couple weeks andthink we’ll be smaller, only to find that we have gained. I’ve done this too, but then lost. I don’t know if it is fluid retention, monthly cycle variants, inflammation, or what, but those inches come off, too.

    I thought in time I’d move onto “regular” excersie, but find my body craves the stretching and strengthening of the 15 minute workout. I occasionally do walking or biking or swimming.

    As a runner/cross-trainer, I would think it would be easy to add 15 minutes to your daily routine of running. Try it for 3 months and see what it does. It can’t hurt. Good luck!

    P.S. As an aside, I’ve found that I have envy/jealousy/comparison issues with my sister, and if she suggests something, I’m out to prove her wrong. That might be something to think about regarding this issue. It’s not that you are right as a runner and she is wrong, or vice-versa; perhaps you can both benefit and learn from each other.

  9. Looks like you haven’t actually tried any of the videos, otherwise you would know that 15 mins is only the beginner video (Basic Workout). Most of her videos are 30 to 60 mins long and are not easy to do properly. And that is coming from someone who is in good shape, slim and went to the gym 3 times a week for 10 years . I too used to run, but t-tapp really sculpted my body in a way running never could.
    Most of you critique just seems immature and undeserved.

  10. I just watched the T-Tapp presentation on public television and when I searched for comments/reviews, I landed at this site. I’m glad that I did. I wasn’t in any way attracted to the exercises nor did the positive comments push me towards buying the program.

    It appears that many/most women want to be lean and elongate their bodies. I want to be bulky and muscular and powerful. I love ballet and I was trained as a dancer (I studied with the great Martha Graham, among others), but that body type is beautiful to me only onstage performing classic ballet.

    So, I will continue my daily weight-resistance workouts at the gym and kettle bell, elastic cables, and free weights at home.

    And if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one with the broad shoulders, large calf muscles, and five coats of mascara.

  11. I love it! I am doing Theresa’s 55 min routine since 2008 – sometimes, like at the beginning of the year, I do it every other day or more often. Sometimes I do it once a week. I am 56 now, I was 51 then – I am athletic and weight loss was not on my mind when I was looking for a routine that I could enjoy and could be beneficial to my condition (I have Hashimoto) increasing the lymph flow that it is important for any autoimmune condition sufferer. I found T-Tapp, which is definitely looks funny sometimes, but it is not HOW IT LOOKS that matters, it is what it is doing for you. I feel great, my posture is fantastic for my age, T-Tapp definitely tones up your back muscles, my thighs are strong, my belly is flat, – often, when I am doing my routine, I am thinking that I could continue doing it for years and years on – enjoying every moment.

  12. I don’t understand why PBS is running this product’s infomercial as a program about hormones and weight loss.

    Recent research suggests that weigh loss is about 85% due to food intake, only 15% exercise… so doing 15 minutes of stretching per day is not going to lead to losing weight. In fact, many of the comments on this site and others, where people say this program has worked for them, mention in passing that they also changed their diet. I suspect the diet changes had more to do with the weight loss than the T-Tapp program.

    There are internal, physical benefits to exercise that may not be apparent when you look at yourself in the mirror. However, there is no such thing as “spot reduction” or “toning.” You are either losing fat, gaining muscle, or both at the same time (which is often confused for “toning”).

    Many women think they have a hormonal imbalance when they in fact do not. You can only confirm this with a blood test from your doctor. Even without hormonal changes, our bodies change all throughout life, and our metabolism slows as we age. When your metabolism slows, your body is more efficient at processing food, so you don’t need as much to be healthy and have energy.

    Yes, 15 minutes is better than zero minutes when it comes to exercise. For people who are obese and never move, and who eat a terrible diet, it is a great place to start. But this alone will not give you the body of Teresa Tapp unless you are genetically predispositioned to be thin.

    Exercise can help make you healthier. Eating healthy food in appropriate amounts will help keep your weight in check. But as the blogger originally posted, there are no short cuts!

  13. Ah! So the ‘truth’ comes out… 35-60 minute workouts! Yeah, that sounds more in line with the article’s point. Do any type of increased heart rate exercise for 60 minutes every other day, and you’ll lose weight/inches. Duh. And if you’re 200+ lbs with a daily couch potato heart rate BEFORE t-tapp then all the MORE weight/inches to lose. I can see how isometrics/anaerobic muscle isolation training might work better than hitting a gym for those with injuries, too. No jumping like a Barbie. Ha ha that was a good one!

    I haven’t tried the t-tapp program so I can’t provide my own feedback. I saw something on Pinterest and decided to research first. I’m into jumping like a Barbie, dancing with ZUMBA, or hitting the gym hardcore. I do yoga or Pilates for the stretching and core training. I’m not looking to just lose weight or inches. I’m trying to be healthy and build stamina.

    There are a few steps that I haven’t seen mentioned in the article or its comments: brushing, lymph cleansing, etc. and their relation to losing inches.

    Would seem to me that if you are retaining water and begin proper lymph brushing that you might lose inches as your body flushes out. I’m told by a PT that proper DAILY lymph brushing takes a few weeks before results are slightly noticeable. Anyone who has done the t-tapp program have experience with the flushing & brushing???

    1. This may be hard to believe because frankly if it did not happen to me I would not believe it either – however – I noticed a HUGE improvement in my cellulite after three days on the T-TAPP CRT Skin Tightening System. I swear I cannot believe my eyes. I have battled cellulite since the age of sixteen and quite slender. I am now fifty-six and a bit curvier than before. To say I was skeptical about the program is an understatement, but the skin tightening program has worked miracles for me. In the past I have tried mesotherapy, endermology, Exilis, and countless creams, lotions, and gadgets, all to no avail.

  14. It works. I T-tapp 5 to 6 days a week anywhere
    From 15 to 60 minutes. I am an exercise junkie
    But there was no way I could continue the intense daily workouts I put my body through. At age 55 I just got tired. I couldn’t workout and clean the house. It had to be one or the other. I had to regroup and rethink how I was going to continue as an exercise junkie and still have an outside life. Because I found that I have thyroid problems I needed to find something that would help me deal with those issues as proactively as possible along with the medication.

    T-Tapp allows me to be a fitness nut and still have energy, maybe even more, for my life. I like the videos without music. I am involved in a personal journey and a workout that makes me have to use my brain to concentrate and focus on form is a complete package. I also throw a bit of my other workouts in every once in awhile because they are old friends. However, each time I do I am too fatigued and I don’t feel as well. I am turning 59 in a few weeks and I have a shape that is nothing to be ashamed of, I have great posture, I feel good, and I am not afraid of turning 60. I can T-Tapp until I am 100.

    1. Pam,
      Can you expand on your thyroid issue? I am newly diagnosed after a 40 pound weight gain at the end of last year. I spent 9 months in the gym, an hour and a half a day, 4 days a week and did not lose a single pound. I have been hesitant to get back in the gym for fear that I will gain again– I like to lift weights. In addition to my hypothyroidism, I also have adrenal fatigue and hormonal issues, specifically estrogen dominance. I swell to a ridiculous level daily. It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I just ordered the TTapp program but haven’t had a chance to watch or do it yet. I have however been doing a few of her videos from youtube here and there for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed a change in my midsection and posture. I guess my main question to you is this: As far as the weight struggle with thyroid issues, would you recommend this program to me?

  15. It doesn’t look like you are in very good shape at all for a runner. Is it helping you? T-Tapp was the only thing that helped my back. I have mild scoliosis and one leg slightly shorter than the other which has led to back pain almost my whole life. T-Tapp put everything back into alignment and I am able to move easily and pain-free for the first time in a long time. Before you criticize the program, you might try it first to see if it will get you into some kind of shape. You look as if you are in very poor shape right now. And if you have been running for a while, which I get the impression you have, it is obviously not doing a lot for you.

    1. Elledee – I have been working with women for years on exercise. I don’t prescribe to any one format. Each woman is different. T-tapp, insanity, walking, weights, isometric, running, crossfit etc. I can tell you this. You are obviously not a runner. I can imagine you are simply not happy with your own body and are lashing out. Running is about health. It’s not about weight loss though it may or may not have that effect. I run running clubs for women of all shapes and sizes who could run circles around you for 5 miles and they don’t look like the skinny runners you see who win marathons. They are healthy and they are building alveoli. Their bodies are what their bodies are. Your insult to OP is ignorant and uninformed.

  16. Thanks for your thoughts on T-Tapp! I have been doing it off and on for a couple of years now. When I first started I did her Basic Workout Plus, and I did drop 2 sizes and felt great. I started running in November and am now up to running 30-40 minutes 4 times a week. I love running!! As much as I love T-Tapp, it does get boring, but when I do it on my off days I do have to say it helps with my sore muscles. The biggest difference I have noticed is that it really does work your quads, which is great for preventing runner’s knee and other running-related injuries. I do notice when I skip a few days of T-Tapp that my knees and feet will start hurting from running. So, for me, since I already have her DVD and have almost memorized it, it really is an added blessing to my workout routine!

  17. I’ve just been doing t-tapp for a bit over a month, and I’m so excited! So far just the 15 minute workout, but what a difference it is making for me. I’ve only lost 14 inches so far, which is less than some people do, but I started off doing it every 2nd or 3rd day (I have some major health issues). (I did not change how I eat.) I really recommend trying this. In fact, I have several friends who have ordered the program, and I’ve ordered the total workout for myself. It is a bit off-putting that people are so over-the-top excited about t-tapp, but it is genuine! Just because it sounds too good to be true doesn’t mean that it doesn’t really work. I don’t know why some people aren’t having the positive results the rest of us are, but SO MANY people DO have positive results, and what an incredible life change …. Get into shape, and stay that way without having to work too hard at it … Fantastic!! (Oh, and I love that there isn’t music with the dvds, I rarely enjoy the same kind of music other people work out to …)

  18. When you look as good as Teresa Tapp, and you actually try her program instead of dissing it, you may be worthwhile listening to. If I looked at you for spokesperson for running, and Teresa for spokesperson for her program, let me tell you, I would rather look like her! You seem very out of shape for someone who is such a runner.

  19. My mother used T-Tapp years ago and lost 12 pants sizes in a matter of months, ended up with a curvy healthy toned body (no loose skin) and she looked amazing. She had a bad back injury due to a car accident and can no longer exercise but to this day you can still see that core tummy definition where t-tapp carved. Me, myself, I tried t-tapp a couple years back and have loved it ever since. It got me from a size 18 to size 8-10 and the best part- I eat what I want!! Portion control is everything but I mean, damn, I don’t have to say, “no thanks, I’m on a diet”. It takes such little time out of my day to do her workouts. Yeah they are a little boring but once you learn it by heart you’re able to listen to whatever music you wish. Honestly, to me, I feel like this post is knocking it before she’s tried it. Multiple people LOVE her workouts…I love her workouts.. I’m proven results. Maybe give it a shot before you discredit it.

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  21. So, here is my two cents worth about Teresa Tapp and her T Tapping. I visited a relative several years ago that is very into T Tapping. I decided to do the video with her. At the time, I thought it was just a super bad work-out video by a woman that came off as kind of an ass. As I tried to do her strange movements that involved doing typical exercises the “T Tapp” way, I started to think otherwise. She told you to do things with your body that were not organic or normal. She told you to “tuck your organs in”. I mean, my organs aren’t falling out that I know of. She had you contort your arms and legs in ways that were unusual. I have worked as a caregiver and taken clients to physical therapy, and I have never seen any of these things done. Anyways, I did one work out and I actually pulled a muscle. I have never had that happen before. Now, I am visiting that same relative and found an entire T Tapping seminar. Yes, I watched it. All of it (almost). Her seminar was very cult like. She talked about needing to pump your lymphatic system like your heart pumps your blood. She referred to it as “pumping your lymph”. It was very unscientific. She talked about physicians that recommended her work, but NEVER mentioned a name! She told her audience to tuck in their butts “like a bad dog” then she proceeded to call people in her audience bad little doggies the entire seminar! It was really abusive. Not to mention the time she told you that you wouldn’t want to walk like a gimp! I have friends with physical disabilities that would be screaming at the screen watching her say “gimp”. The entire thing was offensive, scammy, unscientific, and abusive. I wouldn’t even consider trying her body-breaking moves ever again!

  22. A few years back I got the ttapp book and videos. Within two months or so, i lost my ability to even sit up, much less walk. It’s taken me 6 years to semi-recover my mobility. We don’t know what caused my spine to twist up suddenly, and while I have no proof, I do strongly believe that the ttapp exercises contributed to it. When I wrote about my thoughts about ttapp in my blog, it was barraged with ttapp promoters chewing me out. I finally deleted those blog posts of mine just to shut off the ruckus.

    The positive thing I got out of the ttapp products was the idea of skin brushing. I didn’t try her flushing program, but I do use skin brushing when I’m noticing some lymphatic blockages and/or water retention swelling in my ankles.

    I know this post is old, sorry for raising it from the dead. I came across it while searching for any fairly recent criticisms/complaints to see if anyone else had posted similar experience as mine.

  23. I’m still confused as to whether or not you actually tried the program. Also, not surprised but offended that people on this site say that “if you are a 200 lb couch potato…”. People shouldn’t just assume because someone is heavy they are “couch potatoes”. I have thyroid disease and it has a profound effect on what I look like. My husband and I don’t eat processed foods and I find it hard to work out because of joint pain (and fatigue) but have trained with professionals in the past with little success. I don’t get the “high” I always hear about when working out. It never “feels good” and I sure as hell never look different. I’ve weight trained and done hours of cardio for significant periods of time (as in months). In fact, at one point I was doing an hour of each every day. Still looked the same. My Doc has even said that I will have to work twice as hard as a normal person to look like a normal person. Don’t just assume all heavy people are stupid and have never tried to do anything about it.

  24. Hi,
    I appreciate all your comments. I am a 57 year old health educator. I have always had an awesome body. I can say that because I have worked hard at it. I am an endomorph, 5’7″ 130#s, large natural breast round hips but NOT fat, (very curvey which served me well on stage from 20’s to 50’s) and LOVE exercise (swimming, walking, dancing, ballet, football, the gym (cardio, weights). Love how the endorphin rush of working out. I have always eating “healthy” foods. But love chocolate. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs that a doctor hasn’t prescribed for me. Then, boom….menopause, I get horrific headaches (have all my life, but now they’re more frequent) so I am on HRT. Wait, before you judge me. As a health educator I must speak infront of large audiences (which I love). I can’t do that with migraines or sweating or brain fog. SO menopause without HRT nearly put me out of a job.
    Now…I have gained sooooo much belly fat, thighs and chin, I look ridiculous. I know this is hormonal. One physician suggested that I might be cortisol (stress driven) and that my extreme sports and tight diet was making my body hold on to fat. I tried T-Tapp because I was hoping it was a hormone-engaging ( she talks about neuropathways opening up) way to gently get the work out without the cortisol stimulating aspects of my other exercise. My husband, a licensed Physical Therapist watched the video and me and said, “NO, NO, NO….those are absolutely going to cause injury -if not now certainly in the future. You running (remember the large breasts) would be less injurious.”

  25. I found your blog doing a google search for TTAPP body type search. I have heard and known about TTAPP for several years. I thought it sounded hoaky and ridiculous. But I saw the book on sale on kindle-or maybe it just appealed one week- I wanted to read all about the technique before I sunk any money into videos- I read the book. It made a lot of sense.

    I went ahead and did a ten day boot camp doing the 15minute work out. In lost 11inches! In then went on to do the work out every *other* day for 8mos. I haven’t dieted (though my diet is healthy whole foods, low inflammatory. I have walked with my kids and stayed active. I have focused on rest and sleep and caring for my body. I have lost 37inches in 8months. I went from a 12/14 to a size 6/8 I have never been this tiny in my life.

    That said, if your focus is marathons TTAPP will not work for you right now. Rest and allowing muscles to recover is essential to inch loss. And honestly, to learn the technique is anorectic similar to yoga… you should start small and less is more.
    before I did TTAPP I worked out HARD.. I had been working hard for many months after I had my third child…I ran about 15-25 miles a week, I did Jillian Michaels work outs and was finding them in the “I no longer want to swear or punch her” phase. I was still a solid 12/14, had only dropped 10lbs of the baby weight in had gained with her, I didn’t mind my body…I liked it even. But all my work wasn’t working!

    TTAPP has been awesome for my body. If isn’t for you, that’s okay… it sat on the back burner for me for at least 4years. I wish I had started it sooner! If you do try it some day you’re going to have to let go of any “6 days a week push it push it! Go the distance” mentality. TTAPP is a practice and a process and 15minutes and lots of muscle rest is exactly what it takes. I am a TTAPPer for life.

  26. I’m 58, overweight due largely to injuries that made working out at a gym and even long walks cause so much pain, that I’d stop before getting anywhere; add to this depression, post menopause…perhaps you get the idea.
    T-tapp is different from every other exercise I’ve tried…and living in a city that is a mecca for health and rehabilitation, I’ve a long list of what I have tried. I understand the scepticism with which one can come to t-tapp, I have had my own reasons for judgement and dismissal…….after much research on the website and forums and having tried it myself…I hurt…I stopped and started again several times in the past year…what I discovered after my early life filled with dancing, and hiking mountains, etc. after getting injured so badly, low back neck arms, just about everything hurt, but mostly back and neck
    Less, truly is more, in other words, because t-tapp works in ways that are different from most exercise less time is required to see results for most people, and because it works so deeply, (more deeply over time, creating a more challenging workout over time) it requires a type of attention and focus a few posts have already alluded to.
    Not everything is for everyone, certainly this particular type of exercise requires, for those of us with injuries…learning to take things gently and yet thoroughly…….anything can get boring if one thinks they know how to do it already and so simply go through the motions…I’ve only just recently, a few weeks ago actually, gotten regular about t-tapp. The results, so far, have far more range of motion, better sleep, more energy, far less pain and can feel my muscles already getting stronger from the inside out and depression is far less often.
    If someone is willing to do the research themselves, (even reading Theresa Tapp’s book, for example…there’s a reason she hasn’t needed to shout from the rooftops and put out book after book…others have done a lot of it for her)…it might give a little better understanding of the depth of education that has gone into the continuing development of Theresa’s methods. Having regard for going slowly, gently into something so angular, and strange looking, feeling, did not come easily to me, thus the fits and starts I’ve approached this with over the past 8 mths., however, the soreness in strange places (outside calves and feet, for ex. and that’s about gone already) and beginner’s mind attitude I’ve now developed is paying off even in such ways already as my left hip is correcting a nearly lifelong out of alignment status…I can feel and see it lining up my whole stance even in this short amount of time.
    I do realize that those who haven’t read the material, nor given this method a fair try for themselves as yet, have no idea how the 15 minute claim came about. In brief, I believe it was a radio station that held some sort of contest. The woman who won said she would try it and report results for, I think it was 30 days. Much to Teresa’s horror, the woman said she didn’t have time to do the whole workout, but agreed to do the 1st 15 minutes, the rest, well, if you’ve any interest, you can read it for yourself. After all I’ve been through, I intend to do this exercise from now on…I expect to regain my health completely and to
    lose all the extra…..FYI, further support can be recieved by online encouragement, plus, there are trainers who give skype sessions for those of us who live away from the places where classes are and if that’s not enough, I’ve found the staff, upon calling customer support, truly wonderful.
    I am receiving nothing, nor have any affiliation with T-tapp, simply the satisfaction that perhaps this post may be of service.

  27. So, I see mostly people making outrageous claims and/or insulting the OP because they disagree with her. Correction: insulting the OP because they disagree with her opinions about their exercise program. All of the above is a huge red flag to stay away.

    Good on you for the running, by the way.

  28. Your review really only critiques Teresa Tapp’s writing and video production. It appears that you haven’t even tried the workouts.

    Your last point stated, “Finally, and this is just a personal thing: I can’t stand exercise videos. I find them incredibly boring, especially as my physical strength has improved.” really makes your entire review not very credible. You say you can’t stand exercise videos, so I have a feeling, that even if T-Tapp is an amazing workout, you will still dislike it and give a bad review just because T-Tapp is a video based program. That is too bad.

    I used to be a runner too, marathons and ultra-marathons, but it wasn’t healthy for me. I was tearing my body up, hurting and damaging my knees all the time, and over-stressing my adrenals. T-Tapp lets me exercise, stay in shape, and keep fitting into my clothes without damaging and injuring my joints and muscle all the time.

  29. PS. I too love running because nothing else in the world makes me feel as good as a long run. Nothing else comes close to it, not even T-Tapp. I also admit, T-Tapp can get boring with no music, but you didn’t even give the workout a fair chance at a review. Nothing can ever compare to running as far as mental clarity, peace of mind, endorphins, confidence, meditation, etc. all the stuff that running offers besides just fitness. But just because you dislike fitness DVD’s doesn’t mean it isn’t a good workout.

  30. Well, I think I will finally chime in. I have come to this interesting blog several times and am always delighted that there are more comments and love to see what others are saying.

    I LOVE T Tapp, so let this just be a clear disclaimer. Why do I love it so much? Because it makes me feel amazing. I feel strong, beautiful, in control of my body, and always challenged to go to the next level – which in T Tapp terms means “go to your own max”. When I do the Total Workout (Tempo version, so about 40 minutes) I sweat, I huff and puff, and am mentally engaged. I have developed pretty nice abs if I have to say to myself, and never any crunches. My FEET look prettier! My arms are defined and I finally don’t mind wearing skirts or shorts in public (even though I don’t do it often). I also do some of the floor workouts.

    I used to be gymnist as a kid. After I stopped, I never really found anything that really felt like “my kind” of sports. I tried Volleyball, swimming, and the usual gymn routines. I enjoyed going to the gymn, but it just never really felt like I could make it my own. Also had years of not working out much, especially during and shortly after nursing school. Ok, so here I am and I know I am out of shape and severely unhappy with my body (let me add here that I never had overweight issues, what I mean is I was flabby and slightly chubby and with my short legs and saddlebags it really was a sad scenario). So I decide to do the gymn thing again. That’s how I found out about T Tapp, when I was looking online for different kinds of squats. And something just klicked for me right away. I saw Teresa, I saw the moves and I knew I had to try it. I knew it was different and unique. So I bought the book, went to a seminar to learn the basic form aspects and started working out by myself using the DVD. At first I was discouraged because I was too focused on the “inch loss” thing and if I had to say one criticism of T Tapp, it would be the emphasis on measuring inches. But oh well. I don’t measure myself and rarely step on a scale.

    Long story short, what many others have already said here (and elsewhere): T Tapp activates muscles in ways that you have to experience in order to understand it. And it continues to make sense and as you gain strength you are able to maintain form better and it’s a wonderful journey. Sometimes I feel tired before I work out and when I am finished, I am awake and energized.

    I have been doing T Tapp, and nothing but T Tapp, for about a year now and I am so happy that I like to look at myself again and feel strong, walk tall, have amazing core strength. I know that many others have similar experiences with T Tapp. But it’s not just about looks, it’s about health and body awareness, strength, sharing with others. I also know that many people have felt disappointed with T Tapp, I was too in the beginning. But I know it works, because I stuck with it. Use the online forum for questions, to rant, to see what others are doing and thinking.

    I am writing this to add to the positive voices for T Tapp because I hope that people will be encouraged rather than disuaded from reading about it here. Your personal opinion and preferences are perfectly fine. I just don’t want people to decide not to give T Tapp a try because it is so wonderful and empowering.

  31. You should give t-tapp another shot. You focused too much on peripheral preferences instead of the exercise program itself. Don’t be put off by catch phrases like “less is more” it’s just a general term for exercises that utilizes many bodily processes. Your running will improve with t-tapp and you’ll find a deeper sense of being alive when you can tap(no pun intended) into more of your body’s potential.

  32. I have done a lot: dance aerobics, Pilates, yoga(s), Callanetics, running, Alexander Technique, Bar, free weight and kettle bells … all were great when done consistently.

    And NONE came close to the results I got with the 15-minute TTapp Basic Workout Plus and Step Away the Inches. Not even close.

    I dropped three pants sizes in less than two months and got beautiful definition in my arms. I also dropped my resting heart rate. What’s amazing is that I got these benefits working no more than 35 minutes a day (tops) versus the hour to two hours I used to spend exercising.

    I would hate for anyone to miss out based on some of the comments above. I think the only reason TTapp will never be the Next Big Thing in fitness is that it requires so much focus. A lot of people enjoy zoning out as they do something repetitive, like running and cycling. You absolutely have to pay attention to your alignment, your breathing and your personal limits when you TTapp. And damn, it’s worth it.

  33. I am a licensed physical therapist, an avid exerciser and athlete, and a mother of 4. I have always been thin and muscular, but since turning 40 I started noticing that my usual heavy cardio and weights/pilates were not having the same results. I also started to notice my shoulders round ever so slightly, and an annoying pudge of fat at my armpits (and I always used to love my arms and shoulders in sleeveless shirts). I started doing T-Tapp 2 months ago, and I am amazed at what I am seeing and feeling. Somehow I am becoming more tucked in and tight in my core – almost like the core I had as a teenager. My arms are once again sculpted, and oh my goodness, the lat definition and svelte back musculature in a t-tank is unbelievable. I also started body brushing twice a day and my skin is softer and tighter. I have not measured anything, but clothes fit better, and sheath dresses look amazing. My three sisters are skeptics as well; they continue to pound their bodies with cardio. I am on a journey with T-Tapp and enjoy the improvements in balance, core strength, and spine flexibility, You must understand the technique and watch the instructionals to do the exercises safely and properly, or my guess is that you will get very little out if it. Every little adjustment to form I make carves more muscles. The DVDs (for me) are methodical and almost like a meditation because you do not think of anything else but alignment and form the entire time. I am also now 100% recovered from an ankle surgery 2 years ago thanks to this exercise program. This is my first time posting about T-Tapp, but probably not my last.

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