ttapp, illness, running, cleaning

Heh, kind of amusing that I get hit with a bunch of page views after I write a review of T-Tapp. Maybe I should start reviewing exercise videos more often.

I didn’t have a chance to run today. My mom and I decided that we both have a virus that is basically a really mild cold. It’s strange, because I don’t feel really sick, but I am sneezy and have a slightly runny nose. Between that and a heavy workload today, I decided to pass on my run.

Tomorrow morning I am planning to get up early and meet some friends at church to clean the Sunday school rooms. After that, I will work out- probably a run, but it depends on the weather. (they are predicting rain with a little snow mixed in!) I don’t like the cold much, but I have to admit it has been unseasonably warm this year. Last year, we were under quite a bit of snow by this time, so I guess I can’t complain too much!