tired and happy

I’m pleased today, but also very, very tired. I woke up early today and went to the gym this morning, where I did a fantastic workout on the treadmill. I set the treadmill to “random hills” and ran on varying elevations from 0% to 5%. It was tough, and I had to slow down the treadmill on some of the steepest hills, but I successfully managed to run 3.5 miles in 50 minutes, and I’m just delighted with that.

Tonight, though, I’m tired. It’s good tired- it’s the feeling of working hard all day, including a hard run, and now my body is just ready to rest. I will almost certainly head to bed early. It’s worth it, though- I can hardly believe how well I ran today. It was far better than what I expected before my workout, and it felt great to sweat!

Sometimes I think that non-runners, in particular, just can’t understand the really wonderful feeling of a great run. It’s part endorphins, but it’s also sheer pride. Being able to say I ran a certain number of miles at a certain pace fills me with such pride that it almost makes me giggly. Why am I happy and giggly? Because I ran. Why do I run? Because I’m happy and giggly. It’s a pretty fantastic cycle.