my best runs, or, why i run

It is strange and wonderful that, lately, the runs that nearly don’t happen seem to consistently be my best runs.

Yesterday, I decided to head to the gym and run on the treadmill again. (Another chilly winter day!) But this was only after maybe four hours of talking myself out of going to the gym or doing anything athletic at all! I set the treadmill to random hills, again, and even after I’d started running, I struggled a bit to get “into” it. Once I started to loosen up, though, I began to enjoy it. Since I was somewhat short on time, I figured this would be a shorter-than-usual run. I was thinking I might stop at 2 miles. I must’ve zoned out a bit because when I looked down at the mileage, it was just over 2 miles (maybe 2.05 or 2.1? don’t remember!). I thought, if I run 2.5 miles, then my chart on DailyMile will read 3 miles, so I decided to keep going to 2.5. Then when I got to 2.5, I realized that if I ran another 3 or 4 minutes, I would be at an even 35 minute time. So I kept going… and I wound up running 2.9 miles in 40 minutes (including warmup and cooldown). Fantastic!

Today I procrastinated and avoided, and it wasn’t until the sun had set that I began my workout. Since it was dark outside, I decided to hit the treadmill. I wound up running 3 miles at a 12:00 pace. Including warmup and cooldown, I did 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. I’m incredibly pleased with that.

I know there are still many areas in which I can improve- namely, matching those times away from the treadmill. But today, right now, I’m loving the rush I’m experiencing from this great run. This is why I run!