timer intervals

This morning I ran 5 miles. And it was good.

I’ve been fighting a bit of “running malaise”, and I wanted to find something to add a bit of spice back into my runs. I dug an old Gymboss timer out of a drawer and set it to 2:1 intervals: 2 minutes of running hard, 1 minute of rest.

I honestly struggled a bit to push myself out the door to run. I was feeling lazy. But I did, and I took the timer with me. I did a very easy warmup- maybe four or five minutes- then started the timer and, for the next hour or so, I did the best I could to run hard during my run times and walk or run easy during the rest times.

Without the timer, like many other runners I’m sure, I have a tendency to run easy on the hard parts (i.e. uphill) and to run hard on the easy parts (i.e. downhill). This isn’t entirely bad, but it’s also important to run hard on the hard parts so that I can build those muscles.

So, this was a tough five miles! I really had to push myself. At the same time, I ran uphill, hard, on hills I would not have run before. My legs are still tired, but it is a very good tired. I like that.

I also saw a lot of neat birds today. Cardinals, bluebirds, sparrows, robins… must be this warm weather! (our temperature peaked around 65 degrees farenheit today!!)