7 miles

I am tired with a capital T. But that’s ok.

This week has been perhaps the closest I’ve come thus far to “injured”. I was unbelievably sore after the running of the week before. Thankfully this wasn’t a real injury, but it was definitely enough to keep me off my feet for awhile. Since the worst of the soreness was in my back, I couldn’t escape it.

Then last Wednesday I was struck with a very bad case of… *ahem*… lady cramps. Between the exercise-soreness and the cramps, suffice it to say I did not make it out to run.

Today, though, I more than made up for it. Earlier today, I took my dad out for a walk. He is not a runner, and often I don’t think he really wants to exercise at all, but I know it is good for him and constantly push him to take care of himself.  I only managed to drag him 2 miles, and it felt like 2 very slow miles. I managed to push him to do 30 seconds running/90 seconds walking for a majority of the walk.

I still wanted to push myself, so I ran 5 miles afterward. This was a fantastic run… I definitely pushed myself. The only time when I wavered was around mile 3.5 or mile 4, when I had to go up a pretty steep hill. Nonetheless, it was a solid run and I definitely feel like I’m back on track!