reluctantly resting

I reallyreallyreally wanna run today. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside (today’s high temperature is supposed to be in the 60s F!!), plus it’s just FUN. Plus my sleep’s been a bit off, and I know that a workout would fix that in no time.

But I’m resting. Forcing myself to rest, really. I’ve been nursing this back injury for a couple of weeks, and I just want it to go away. It’s not a *bad* injury, and I’m really convinced that it’s gotta be in the muscles. Basically my lower back is sore when I bend over, sit down, or if I’m laying down and lift up my hips. It’s not extremely sore- I don’t even need an ibuprofen or tylenol. It’s just noticeable, and I don’t want it.

Here’s the other thing I’ve noticed. When I run, it gets worse. Or more specifically, AFTER I run, it is worse. After I run it feels bad- but then after a couple of hours, the pain eases up, and it gets better and better until I run again. I’m virtually certain that it’s got to be a muscle injury- like a strained muscle, except of course it’s in my core.

Of course, one big problem with any core injury is that there are virtually no exercises that DON’T use the core, so it’s almost impossible to even cross train, much less to run.

I don’t like resting, though. I’m now officially into training for RTP, and I just do not want to miss training. That’s really why I didn’t properly rest last week- I felt like I had to be doing something, and I wound up running or cross training. But last night I realized that if I don’t let this heal, it could turn into a chronic injury, and I don’t want that.

*sigh* I’m just terribly afraid I will lose training. Even though I know rest days are good for me, I just want to run.