coughs, colds, and crashing computers

Cough. I’m getting over a cold. Yesterday I managed 3.5 miles- not as long as I’d hoped, and definitely not a fast pace, but not bad either when I consider that my throat was rather dry and uncomfortable. Today was a rest day, and tomorrow I’m hoping I will be able to run again- hopefully 4 miles but we’ll see. They’re predicting rain, so I will probably head to the gym.

Honestly this is not a bad cold. I feel kinda bad for letting this hold me back. I have vivid memories of much more severe colds. When I was in college, I had one cold that was so severe I got bronchitis. And wow, that was miserable. This- I still have an annoying cough, but it’s not that bad. I think I’m over the worst of it, and even that wasn’t so bad. Yet I also don’t feel 100%, and that annoys me. I have an irritating cough, a mild case of laryngitis, and plenty of general aches. I wanna run- and I wanna feel good.

Anyway. The past couple of days have been fairly crazy. My computer started acting up, and today it became clear that it needs repairs. I think I just need to replace the power port, which is not too terrible- thankfully that would only be around $100 to repair. But either way this is unpredicted, unscheduled, and making a noticeable dent in my pocketbook. 🙁

I wanna run!!!