back in the (analog?) saddle

Achoo. What a weird cold.

I still don’t feel terribly bad. I woke up this morning with a cough- not too bad, but annoying. At some point during the day, the cough improved and was replaced with frequent sneezing and a mildly runny nose. Even now as I type this, my nose feels like there’s a sneeze trapped in there.

I made it to the gym, though!! Had to push myself a bit, but I really wanted to work out today. It’s been raining all day, and if I weren’t sick it would actually be great weather for running outside. But, since I’m getting over a cold, I decided to play it safe and stay indoors. The gym was busy today- I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t want to run outside- and the only available treadmill was one that would not slow down. I could speed up- just couldn’t slow down. Annoying. I took it as a divine hint and pushed myself to run a relatively speedy (for me) 2.66 miles in 35 minutes.

My training plan (and my ego) called for 4 miles today, but my body just wasn’t in it. I’m happy though- I still pushed myself and, besides, since when have I wanted to work out while I am sick? As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win.

In other news, this is day #2 without my computer. I discovered today with reasonable certainty that the problem is isolated in the power cable. This is great news, as it is probably the cheapest and easiest part to replace.

But, oddly, I’ve actually enjoyed not having a computer. How weird is that? Without having distraction of a computer, I’ve focused on other things that needed done around the house. I cleaned and did laundry, without feeling rushed. I did a whole bunch of end-of-year filing of my financial papers, which will be very helpful when I file my taxes. I planned the time I would spend on borrowed computers, so that I could do what I needed to maintain my websites in the shortest time possible. So ironically, even though I’ve been away from the computer, I feel like the past couple of days have been extremely productive! I may have to make this a regular thing- stepping away from the computer for a day or two every month!