the farmer’s blow

First of all, yay me for getting outside today- it was COLD and WINDY! 28 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds blowing 20mph and gusting to 30. I guess that’s still not as cold as it gets other years, but it still felt pretty cold, and I was awfully tempted to skip today’s run.

I ran 5 miles in 1:09, a 13:48 pace- pretty good considering how cold and windy it was. Between the cold (weather) and the cold (rhinovirus), I found myself very “sniffly”. Normally I don’t have much trouble with needing to blow my nose frequently, and before today, I’d never found myself on a run and needing to blow my nose.

So, I was on a quiet road running alongside a horse pasture, and I figured, why not. There were no people or cars around, and it really is not comfortable to run when you have a nose full of mucous. This was as good a time as any to practice the farmer’s blow.

Mastering the farmer’s blow (or snot rocket) is a must for any runner. Here’s how to do it right: Breathe in through your mouth, like you’re gasping. Lay a forefinger against one nostril and compress firmly. Purse your lips. Cock your head slightly in the direction of the open nostril and exhale forcefully through your nose. Repeat with opposite nostril, if needed.

I was (pleasantly) surprised by how easy and effective this was. In the course of my run, I executed four farmer’s blows (two for each nostril). I’m feeling very awesome today. 🙂