the magic number

I had several thoughts I wanted to write about today, but right now I can only think of one thing:

Gee whiz, I’m tired.

I’ve been keeping up with my training plan, of which I’m very proud, and today my plan called for 6 miles. The weather happened to be GORGEOUS today- 54 degrees Fahrenheit, with a light breeze- perfect running weather! I’d plotted a new route, and it was really a fantastic run. I pushed myself, I saw a great new part of town, and I felt strong.

But somehow, six miles seems like a magic number. In the past I have run five miles semi-frequently, with no trouble. Six miles is a whole new ball game. Six miles was the max I could do without bringing extra water or fuel with me. At the end of six miles, I felt especially grimy- not just sweat, but also just general road dust. Six miles left me just worn out. Six miles presents a whole new set of challenges that I didn’t encounter at five miles.

(It probably didn’t help that, after finishing my six mile run, I walked Sadie for another one mile, nice and easy. Her entire family is very ill with the flu, so I volunteered to dogsit for awhile until they are feeling better.)

Right now, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I am just EXHAUSTED, and totally ready for bed! I’m excited that I’ve discovered I can run to this particular part of town- it’s pretty cool to imagine the potential that comes with that. Tomorrow, a light run, and then Sunday will be a rest day. Yay!