backbends, bridges, soreness, pace, and rest days

Phewwww I’m tired. I’m kinda amazed, in a good way, by how all this exercise wears me out.

I suspect that part of today’s tiredness is soreness from yesterday’s yoga. We had a fun fun fun yoga class yesterday- we pulled our mats up next to the mirrored walls, and were practicing side-bends and back-bends. I haven’t done a backbend since I was a kid, and it was lots of fun to try it again. I wasn’t able to get into a full backbend, but I was able to get pretty close- and quite frankly I think that’s fantastic!

Then, after yoga, I hit the treadmill with a goal of running three miles. My legs were having none of it, and I quit after one mile. The guilt got to me as I was driving home, though, and I stopped at a park and finished the last 2 miles.

At home, I was still on my backbend kick, and started practicing bridges. I was actually able to get into a bridge balanced on my head and feet quite easily, but my arms weren’t quite strong enough to push up into a full backbend.

I felt pretty good when I went to bed last night, and I honestly thought I’d escaped the dreaded soreness that usually accompanies new exercises. No such luck- when I woke up today, my whole body hurt! The temptation to skip today’s workout was huge, but I forced myself out for a run (all the while dangling the “carrot” of having a rest day tomorrow).

Ironically, even though I was sore, today’s workout went really, really well. I ran 3.1 miles today, and the first two miles were solid. I was running at a great pace, and just felt really on fire. After two miles, I unclipped my timer from my collar to check my interval time, and promptly dropped the timer on the asphalt. I’m just that coordinated! (*cough cough*) The battery cover and battery popped out of the timer, and when I put the battery back into the timer, it didn’t work. I’m not too concerned- it was an old battery so it’s probably dead- but of course that meant no more intervals for the last mile, and that made it a lot tougher.

Still, those first 2 solid miles really paid off. My time was great- my pace averaged 13:12, and I finished remarkably strong.

Now, all that running has left me tired- and tomorrow will be a rest day, just as I promised myself. Friday will be my long run- 7 miles- and 3 more easy miles on Saturday. But first I will sleep. A lot. 🙂