today was made to run

70 degrees, sunny, with only a moderate breeze. It was GORGEOUS outside! I wore a tank top and shorts, and loved it. Personally I absolutely love the feel of the breeze on my bare shoulders, and even though it’s been a warm winter, it’s been cool enough that I’ve almost always needed at least short sleeves.

With such amazing weather, it was a great day for a run. I felt really solid and strong today. It was just energizing.

I ran five miles today, though I will admit the second half was more challenging than the first. I didn’t realize it until I got to my halfway point and turned around, but during the first half of my run, the wind had been at my back. It wasn’t a terrible wind today, but it was stiff enough to create a bit of a challenge when I ran into it.

Of course, even though I didn’t love running into the wind, it wasn’t a terrible wind and it was awfully nice to have a wind helping to keep me cool! That made this an even more perfect running day- even when the sun felt too warm on my shoulders, the breeze kept it pleasant.

Unfortunately this weather is not predicted to stick around… Tomorrow, the temperture is predicted to drop down to around 40. But, I’ll be out there again… Friday is my long run day, and tomorrow I’m planning to run eight miles. Yikes!!