8 windy miles, including a bit of grocery shopping

Wowww, I’m tired. Ran 8 miles today, and lemme tell you, it was HARD! For one thing, I was just not in the mood today. I’ve been struggling to run all week- just lost my mojo. I really think every serious runner can relate to this- when you’re training for a race, there are just days when you are not in the mood to run and have to muscle through your training runs.

So I struggled to push myself today. I didn’t have that desire to run or to challenge myself. But I was determined. I wasn’t fast but I successfully crossed 8 miles, and I’m proud of that.

The one thing I don’t like about this winter has been the wind. (That’s all though- it’s been an awfully warm winter and that hasn’t left much to dislike!) It was windy today (again), and I discovered I was just a tiny bit underdressed, given the wind chill. I really think that makes a big difference. I mean, when I am not even a mile into my run and all I’m thinking is that I’m cold, it is just that much harder to push myself. Not to mention my hands swell and my fingers stiffen in the cold, and that’s not comfortable either.

For the first time today, I also “ran” to the grocery store. We forgot to get one particular item for dinner at the grocery store this morning, so I detoured near the end of the run. The store was busy and I got plenty of strange looks. I figure they’re all jealous! 😉