nutrition and hydration

What a week. Work has been unproductive, and that unproductivity has overflowed into blogging. Yet somehow, though my work has been terribly unproductive, my training and running went fantastically!

My long runs are getting long enough that I have to be careful to ensure I have enough time to finish the run. This week, I’m up to nine miles, and for me I like to leave two and a half hours for that distance (though I probably would run faster than that).

I’m still struggling to figure out my nutrition issue. For years I’ve had issues with food textures, and I really don’t relish the idea of chewing on anything while I run, but I may need to just deal with it. Every kind of gel I’m coming up with- even if I mix it myself with powder- I’m gonna have to have plenty of water with it. Which would mean I would need a bottle for water and a bottle for gel. Unless I have chews, in which case I would only need one bottle (for water) and I could use my belt to carry the chews.

But the chews- I would have to eat around six chews to equal just a couple of swigs of gel. And I really, really do not like the texture of chews.

Of course, I am seriously considering finding another belt that would carry four to six smaller water bottles. Theoretically the smaller bottles wouldn’t bounce as much, plus having multiple bottles would allow for both gels and water.