nine miles

I’m still in one piece, but… wow.

Today I ran nine miles. Well, technically I think it’s closer to 8.84, but who’s counting? It was TOUGH.

Really, I guess the thing I’m really only now becoming aware of is that, I can run pretty strong for the first 5-6 miles. Not fast, but strong. Then my energy just dips way down. And I’m almost sure it’s the nutrition thing- I’ve been drinking Gatorade, and from what I’ve read it IS possible to get enough calories from sports drinks, but you have to consume a LOT of sports drink to get enough calories. I definitely have not been consuming the quantity of Gatorade to meet the calories I need, and in fact I think most runners would find it moderately challenging to drink that much liquid. That’s where the gels and chews and other alternatives would come in.

I started today with the cheapest/easiest strategy for fueling. I’ve read about some elite/semi-pro runners that choose to fuel with, shall we say, “non-traditional strategies”- candies, chocolates, even Dean Karnazes and his pizzas. On today’s run, I stopped at a convenience store about a mile into my run and bought some bite-size Snickers bars and a jar of Gatorade.

Things I’ve learned: Snickers make Gatorade taste nasty. Snickers also make you (more) thirsty. Not a good combination.

So. Today’s fuel was not a success. Tomorrow is a rest day (thank goodness!). And I shall sleep VERY well tonight!

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