evening runs

Today? Good day.

My mother (a teacher) is on spring break this week, and today I opted to skip my afternoon run so that I could spend some time with her. It all worked out, though, when she suggested we all go to our nearby park/fitness center to exercise this evening. It’s a fantastic park, not too big, but it has a playground, tables, benches, and a 0.3-mile “track”- not a real track, with lanes and markings and a nice soft cushy running surface, but just an oval, 0.3 miles in distance, and regular asphalt. Good enough for me! There are also electric lights, so it’s generally a very safe place to run even when it’s dark outside.

It’s a great place for running any kind of distance that you need to measure, or just a general easy run. Since there’s no hills or cars, I can usually get fantastic times while I’m running there.

I also discovered tonight that evening runs are a PERFECT way to end the day! I’m enjoying the afterglow of a runner’s high and the knowledge that I still squeezed in today’s miles. THIS is how you end the day!