running easy on a faux track

This has been a great week, but oh-so-busy. Since the Daylight Savings time change, my parents have been inviting me on an evening walk/run at a nearby park-fitness track, so I’ve shifted my workouts to the evening. Unfortunately, when I come home, I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to write anything!

So, I’ve actually done really well this week- 4 miles on Monday, 3 miles on Tuesday, and 3 miles on Wednesday. Today is supposed to be a rest day, according to my training plan, but in support of my mother I walked a little under 1 mile with her.

All of our workouts have been at this nearby fitness center, which includes a “track”. I put that in quotes because, though it’s oval-shaped, it’s not quite like a track that you’d find at school or track meet. It’s 0.3 miles and paved asphalt, but it’s also flat and free of cars or potholes. The rest of the park includes a playground, several picnic tables, a basketball hoop, plenty of benches, as well as large floodlights that come on when the sun goes down.

The funny part is, when I’m running on this track, I rock. I mean, on Tuesday and Wednesday my legs were a bit tired from the previous day’s run, but… it was easy. Not in a fleeting sense, like I usually encounter, but in an ongoing sense. And I love that.

I’m sure that part of it is the lack of hills, cars, and other distractions. But it is such a radical change from running on the road- there has got to be something mental about it. It just feels like such a radical change. If I could transfer that extraordinary ease to my road runs- man, I could totally crush all my PRs! Not to mention, I just might feel confident enough to start training for a marathon!

Until then… tomorrow, I’m planning to run 10 miles on that track. It also works out well since I will be testing a new gel-type fuel- I will be able to leave the water bottles and gel bottles on a picnic table while I run. Kinda crazy how a faux-track has given me a shot of momentum!